We are all tired of wasting our time on those who aren't in it for the long haul; (unless you are in a "fun phase" of course) but for the serial monogamists out there and those of you who have decided to settle down, it is a never-ending struggle finding someone you can see yourself with forever.

We can't help but look at photos under the hashtag #couplegoals and dream of finding our perfect soulmates. Whether you are in a relationship or on the prowl for a new bae, this list will help you figure out whether or not your guy is the one.

You have the same brand of humour.

If you find the same things to be hilarious, you will be laughing into your old age together.

He's your go-to emergency contact info.

You know he'll be the first on scene.

His parents call you family.

You get all the big invites: holidays, thanksgiving, grandmas birthday...etc.

He makes time.

He'll say no to his bros because your together time takes priority.

Your BFF has become his BFF.

He has made an effort to get to know your friends and they mutually like each other.

You've been on vacay together and survived.

Spending a lot of time together when sharing a room is a good test to see if you could live with each other in the future.

He is adamant on the fact that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

sweat pants, hair tie, chillin with no make-up on...that's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong.

He never misses sending you a good morning or good night text.

"Good morning beautiful"

You trust each other completely.

You have no worries when  he goes out with his bros and he lets you do your thing during your necessary GNOs.

He's a guaranteed like.

He has set up notifications for when you make a post so he is always your very first like!

He makes you a better you.

He inspires you to be the best version of yourself through his kindness and drive.

He supports your passion.

Whether its sports, arts, or your job, he supports what you do and understands the importance of your time commitments.

You enjoy each other's taste in music.

Jamming out together is an awesome time that every couple should partake in.

He pleases you.

gotta be compatible in bed right?

You never feel embarrassed in front of each other.

You know you can say or do anything without being judged.

He gives you your space.

He understands that 24/7 couple time isn't always what you want. Sometimes it's nice to take time apart because then you get to be excited about seeing each other next.

Dates never end.

It is important to continue going on dates to keep the magic alive.

You adventure together.

You embark on new experiences together and make memories you'll always be fond of.

He treats his mother with respect.

If you want to know how a guy will treat you in ten years, look at how he treats his mother now.

You talk about the future

You tell each other your goals and talk about what the future looks like for the both of you as a unit.

You are best friends.

Before anything else, you are best friends and genuinely enjoy each other's company.

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