If you've ever lived in Peterborough, one thing is for sure - you can take yourself out of Peterborough, but you can't take Peterborough out of you!

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Here are 21 signs you're definitely from Peterborough:

1. You know someone who pronounces it as 'Peter-burra'.

The only way to pronounce it!

2. "For a minute" is a valid measure of time in Peterborough.

Ex. "I'm going to go up street for a minute".

3. It still baffles you why some neighbourhoods don't have sidewalks.

Walking must be out of style in Peterborough.

4. You've lost control of your car going down Weller St at least once during the winter.

Or Parkhill.

5. Jimmy Lightshow is one of your personal heroes.

He enjoys fishing, dancing and light shows.

6. Some of your worst decisions were made at Spanky's or Trasheteria.

But they were also some of the best nights of your life.

7. You know that the best place to toboggan is down the hill at the Court House.

It's a winter tradition for some.

8. It's normal to see people portaging canoes... downtown.

Nothing out of the ordinary there.

9. Campus Quiz was an important part of your childhood.

And you may even have been on the show, once upon a time.

10. You'll take Royal Burger over any other burger joint, hands down.

Even Sneaky Pete's.

11. There's a Halibut place almost everywhere you turn.

You love halibut by default.

12. Frequent trips to Pappas transformed you into a pool pro.

The place to be during your high school spares!

13. You blame Oshawa for all of your problems.

Literally everything - crime, drugs, terrible weather, etc.

14. Attending at least one field party in Peterborough was a rite of passage.

You've never been to a party until you've been to a Peterborough field party.

15. Clarifying that you're from Peterborough the city, not the county, is a common thing you do.

They're completely different from each other.

16. You've participated in a 'peanut race' at least once.

And almost died.

17. It makes you laugh hearing people try to pronounce Maria St or Monaghan Rd.

It's Mu-rye-ya and Mon-ah-gan, get it right.

18. You'll still go to the Peterborough Zoo no matter how many times you've already gone.

Mainly because it's free.

19. The song 'Home For A Rest' is forever on playback in your head.

It reminds you of Peterborough whenever it plays.

20. The smell of Quaker in the air is all too familiar to you.

Smells like home!

21. You and everybody's grandmother knows David Koski.

He's the man.

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