No one wants to be the nagging, needy, or jealous girlfriend ?. We all want to be the "girlfriend of his dreams".  Relationships can be hard work and both partners want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to keep each other interested; but how do we do such a thing?

We've all heard of the infamous unicorn boyfriends who are super perfect and have #boyfriendgoals written all over them. So how do we know if we're unicorn girlfriends? Well, here is a list of 21 signs you are the perfect girlfriend: Emoji One's Unicorn Face

1. You agree to stay in and watch the leafs game with him.

2. You join him for afternoon beers at Firkin On King.

3. You don't make him guess what's wrong.

4. You respect his opinions, even if you don't completely agree with them.

5. You make him laugh.

6. You like to pay for his meal once in awhile.

7. You don't get mad when he wants to have a boys night at Switch.

8. You put effort into little surprises for him every so often.

9. You bring him Caplansky's soup when he's sick.

10. You share similar values

11. You aren't trying to change him.

12. His mom deliberately stocks the shelves with food she knows you like.

13. You can carry an intellectual conversation with one another.

14. You have become friends with his friends.

15. You share your Bang Bang ice cream with him.

16. You don't get jealous when he talks to other girls.

17. You let him pick the movie on Netflix and Chill nights.

18. You give him his space.

19. You return the favour in bed.

20. You don't pressure him into doing something he's not ready for.

21. You tell him you love him every day.

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