Those who say that Tumblr is dead are probably just not equipped with the right sense of humour. For several millennials, Tumblr is more than just a resource for memes - it is a sacred place of worship; a deep exploration of self-identity and existentialism.

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Though Tumblr has undergone many changes over the years, the experience is definitely still the same. Here are 40 things only Tumblr addicts will understand:

The struggle of discovering what type of blog you want to run.

Meme blog? Fandom blog? Aesthetic blog? Pale blog? Porn blog?

Likes are for memes, reblogs are for aesthetics.

For aesthetic bloggers with a sense of humour.

Scrolling through Tumblr in class and being surprised by a giant penis.

Scroll at your own risk.

Not being able to go through Tumblr around your parents.

For the same aforementioned reason.

When a fandom gets problematic.

Those Potterhead debates can get pretty heated.

Deep diving into your dashboard and losing your spot.

Damn you infinite scroll.

Getting a new follower only to find out it's just a porn blog.

The most crushing feeling.

Forever having 0 asks in your inbox.

And finally getting one but it's just Tumblrbot.

When an anon sends you hate but you already know who it is.


Having a folder on your laptop or phone dedicated to memes.

A necessary practice for any Tumblr user.

Liking a post just because it has over 100K notes.

Even if they're not really that funny or interesting.

The struggle of finding something you came across on Tumblr a long time ago.

Once again, damn you infinite scroll.

Knowing the entire story behind the birth of Poot.

A cultural icon.

Measuring your self-worth on the amount of notes your selfie gets.

The sad reality.

Guiltily believing everything you see on Tumblr.

Don't be deceived by the trolls.

The feeling of shame when someone IRL comes across your Tumblr.

"Please don't tell anyone how I live."

Your Activity Graph always looking like a flat line.


Owing your unusual sense of humour entirely to Tumblr.

Only other Tumblr users understand you.

Your Instagram aesthetic being largely influenced by your Tumblr aesthetic.

Then being rudely reminded that Instagram is not Tumblr.

Living vicariously through your luxury reblogs.

And you lie to yourself with captions like #GOALS.

Having the biggest crush on a Tumblr user halfway across the world.

That you dedicate a lot of your free time stalking.

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