For those of you who don't know, being a bartender isn't easy and of course just like any other job, there are certain consequences that tag along with it. There are pros and cons to being a bartender such as getting free drinks but you have to give up your weekends.

Here's a little guide that will provide you with a heads up if you're planning on dating a bartender and for those of you who already are or did, let's review a list of things you might had to go through in your relationship:

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1. You won't make it to Old School before 1pm.

Because we're grumpy as f*ck, we need our sleep and don't like mornings. Brunch>breakfast.

2. You'll become familiar with the cool stores on Queen St.

Because that's where you score the sweet deals for uniforms and black clothing makes up pretty much our whole entire closet.

3. You'll party on Church Street at least once.

That's where the real party is at! 

4. We're familiar with plenty of things going on the city.

Whether it's a new concert announcement at the Molson Amphitheatre, a food festival or a private party at Frings - we already know about it.

5. Don't expect a late night booty call.

Because 2 AM is last call. 

6. We know all the hot spots in Toronto.

Whether you're looking to chill out at Early Mercy, party at EFS or have dinner at one of Toronto's Best Patios.

7. And where to get cheap drinks.

4 $ shots at The Addisons Residence. 

8. You'll go out pretty often.

Because there are over 8,000 restaurants, bars and night clubs in Toronto.

9. You'll develop an anti-jealous attitude.

If some guy hits on your gf at Lost & Found, you learn how to control your jealousy issues.

10. If you don't tip - Hasta la vista baby.

Because Toronto bartenders have each others backs. 

11. You'll order Caesars.

Whether you go to Williams Landing or The Chase. 

12. You'll probably have to walk our dog here and there.

And become familiar with the dog parks in Toronto. 

13. You'll give up a pair of keys.

Because why would we take the 501 street car if you're asleep?

14. We know someone at a bar in every part of the city.

Whether it's on King West, Ossington, Queen or other neighbourhood.

15. Therefore, you'll be able to score free drinks here and there.

At probably some of these clubs in Toronto. 

16. You'll finally understand the difference between good and shitty booze.

And places that serve it. Let's be honest, Bar Chef has some of the best cocktails in the city.

17. We'll always have cash.

No need to hit up the nearest TD or BMO. 

18. You'll know every single late night drunk food spot in Toronto.

Drunk munchies at The Thompson happen quite often. 

 19. You'll stay up late.

Because our sleeping schedule is pretty messed up. 

20.To help you study.

Thanks to us you'll pass your final exams at UofT. 

21. You'll have a lot of free time on weekends.

To have fun with your friends and complete the "things to do in Toronto before you die bucketlist."

22. You'll end up bar hopping in the entertainment district very often.

Because why go to one place when you can go to many? 

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