Every Toronto girl has her own favorite places she truly admires, but there are secret spots all ladies dream of going to . None of us will refuse a fancy dinner at La Societe or shopping at Holts. But what if you take your lady somewhere out of the extraordinary to shop and dine?

Do you want to win a Toronto girl's heart? Surprise her. Spoil her. Treat her like a princess. Here's a list of places that can help you do so:

Dining out:

Going out to grab a bite is always a fabulous idea. Celebrating a special occasion or having a casual dinner at one of these places will do the trick:

1.Ki // 181 Bay St. 

2. Sotto Sotto // 120 Avenue Road

3. One // 116 Yorkville Ave. 

4. Lee // 601 King St.

5. Cluny // 35 Tank House Lane

6. Bar Isabel // 797 College St.

7.Shōtō // 190 University Ave.

8. Actinolite // 971 Ossington Ave

 Cooking at home:

If your girl is good in the kitchen take her to a high end grocery store. There's nothing better than a home cooked meal.

9. Pusateri's // 57 Yorkville Ave

10. Avenue Seafood // 1751 Avenue Rd.


Women are shopaholics. It is a serious addiction we all have. On behalf of the ladies I would like to say, an item from these stores would be greatly appreciated.

11.WANT Apothecary // 1010 Yonge St.

12. Smoke + Ash // 644 Queen St.West

13. 6 by Gee // 6 Roxborough St.West

14. Intermix // 130 Bloor St.West  

15. TNT // 392 Eglinton Ave.

16. Over The Rainbow // 101 Yorkville Ave.

17. Lavish & Squalor // 253 Queen St.West

18. The Room @ The Bay //176 Yonge St.

19. Art 27 // 899 Queen St.West 

 Pamper her:

We love being spoiled. Mani's, pedi's, facials, massages, you name it. We want it all.

19. Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St.West 

20. Body Blitz // 471 Adelaide St.West

21. Fiorio // 136 Cumberland St.

22. Pause Beauty //993 Bloor St.West

Gentlemen please keep these places in the back of your head. Maybe not now, but perhaps later you can turn these dreams into a reality.

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