Summer outfits usually fall under two categories. First there's the adorable Instagram worthy sundress outfits that flaunt carelessness and something straight out a the opening grease montage. Then you have the one that usually applies to me, which is the outfit that started with the intention of the first category, but due to some over active sweat glands and low grade deodorant you're wondering what you should wear just to stay easy breezy beautiful. I'm not saying if you sweat you're not stylish, DUH everyone does. What I'm saying is these girls know how to handle the summer sun with flare.

We've found some of the girls who know how to handle the heat and basically transfer it to their look because these ladies are on fire! From casual street wear to hitting the clubs these ladies will give you inspiration to add to your already amazing wardrobe. And if you're like me and you're wardrobe is a little bit of a mess, just know that we're always going to be hot messes in the summer sun. So check out these fabulous women for some serious summer style that will can give you to inspiration to find your new summer groove (hot mess optional).

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Alexandra Mar Nikolajev

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Allysha Yung

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Mel Hwang

Jodi Blk

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Victoria H.

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Amy Yu

via @daniesque

Dani Roche

Rachel Dihn

via @mayawohlfahrt

Maya Wohlfahrt

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Meagan Tso

via @sashaexeter

Sasha Exeter

via @pollyp0cket

Polina Snitkova

Sasha Mei

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Yazmin Harris

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Kat Moore

via @jetsetjustine

Justine Iaboni

Gabriella Pacifico

Christina Cravero

via @emeliereis

Emelie Reis

Chris Prosperi

via @justjulesadventures

Julianna Durzo

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