Looking good in the winter is hard work.

It's cold so you're wearing 6 layers and looking like the Michellen man, its windy so your hair is constantly in your mouth, and its snowing...well not so much this year.

But none the less, some people manage to look good, no matter what the season. These are the select few that have perfected the scarf+hat combos, and excelled at looking hot when the weather is cold. And for that, they definitely deserve a follow:

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Maria Flo

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Cat Williams

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Vanessa Fratia

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Jacqlyn Fratia

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Laura Prosia


Jodi Blk

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Max Houde-Shulman


Jen C

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Alexandra Mae Nikolajev


Vanessa Cesario

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Julia Che

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Bianca Scarlato

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Purna Choudhury

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Cher Bai

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Dani Rey

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Polina Snitkova

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Blanco Fuego

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Dani Roche

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