Photo cred - Andrew Lewis

Toronto life, man. There's really nothing like it. Most of the time it's awesome, but there are certain things about the day to day here that are just a huge pain. Your friends from out of town don't get it, but you know that there are some trials that only Torontonians suffer. Don't bear that burden alone, come complain with us!

1. The Subway

Delays, delays and more delays

2. Fundamentalists yelling on street corners

3. Winter wind

4. Basement apartments

Photo cred - beccalouc

Welcome home.

5. Buying alcohol before everything closes

6. Waiting for the streetcar in the winter

7. Trying to get through the crowd on Front Street

Photo cred - eyebex

8. Trying to decide where to eat

There are actually just too many options.

9. Rob Ford jokes

10. Commuting

Photo cred - Ashton Pal

It's no joke, brah.

11. Finding a cab on a Saturday night

I hope you like walking.

12. Cops cracking down on drinking at Trinity Bellwoods

It's a travesty.

13. Finding somewhere to eat past 9pm

To be fair, this is mostly a non-downtown problem

14. Out of towners not knowing what Toronto is

No, Barry is not a part of Toronto

15. Keeping your brows on point

Photo cred - Eva Logan

16. Being compared to New York

And not in a good way.

17. Deciding what to do every weekend

18. Not getting to see Zanta anymore

Photo cred - Andrew Lewis

Seriously, WHERE IS ZANTA??

19. Being so fly

Sometimes it's just too much pressure, you know?

20. Blowing all of our money on rent

21. Expensive weed

I thought we lived in Canada.

22. Spending way too much time under ground

Photo cred - Lewis Kaye

Fucking subway.

23. Tokens

They're just aggressively stupid.

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