Let's start a riot, a riot FEST! Yes folks, Riot Fest is back for another year. Last year we all got our feet and shoes soaked in disgusting, wet mud, we didn't get a ferris wheel even though we were promised one, and we fell madly in love with Billy Talent all over again.

The lineup this year is pretty stellar (like every other year), with the likes of artists including Alexisonfire, Weezer, Wu-Tang Clan, Tyler, the Creator, and Bleachers. The festival is happening a little late this year from September 19th to 20th, so let's hope we don't freeze our butts off in the transitional fall weather. Here are things that will definitely happen at Warped-Tour-for-adults this year.

1. You'll have your view of the stage obstructed by a tall, older man.

Unless you're a tall dude/gal/person yourself, you're probably going to get seriously pissed off by some asshole forcing his way in front of you.

Photo cred – Giphy

2. You'll get pushed and shoved by wild fangirls.

Better avoid standing close to the stage for that All Time Low crowd or this will happen to you.

3. That one jerk of a couple that aggressively shoves their way through the crowd.

4. Hopefully not this.

5. You're probably going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on $6 lemonades and $8 beers.

Or any drink for that matter.

6. You'll spend forever waiting in line for food and you'll panic because you're about to miss the opening of Wu Tang's set and you have to decide which one is more important.

You already know which one is more important.

7. You're going to go broke buying lunch and dinner both days.

Why you gotta be so rude, festival food?

8. Port-a-potties will be the death of you.


9. You will unintentionally come in extremely close contact with many butts.

And you may or may not mind it.

10. You will also get caked in other people's sweat.

Give a little personal space, would ya?

11. You're going to get knocked/kicked/hit in the face at some point* even if you don't mosh.

Especially if you're standing close to the front a.k.a. home to mosh pits and crowd surfers. But hey, but it's nothing unexpected.

*Actually many points.

12. You'll hear all these new bands and tell your friends how awesome they are and how you're going to check them out when you get home.

But you probably never will.

13. Two bands you want to see will be playing at the same time.

Ok, once Bayside finishes this song we'll run to Tomahawk Love's set and find our way to the front in time for them to play this song oh and also maybe we'll have time to grab a beer in-between.

14. Even if you find a good spot before Against Me! comes on, you're going to lose it once they come on.

You'll get pushed, shoved, and violently stomped on by your fellow Rioters.

Photo cred – Giphy

15. You will make an asshole move at one point and you probably won't feel bad for it.

Sorry folks, I have to see my baby Tyler.

16. You're going to fall in love with Weezer.

Doesn't matter who you are, it will happen.

Photo cred – Giphy

17. And you're going to cry when Alexisonfire comes on.

18. That one person recording the entire set will piss you off.

I will grab that phone out of your hands and throw it across to f*cking Wonderland.

19. You'll try to take a cool picture for Instagram but then you'll look back at it later and realize how out-of-focus and shaky it was.

That's what you get for moshing so hard.

Photo cred – Giphy

20. Let's be real, it's probably going to be gross and muddy again.

I'm definitely going to enjoy scrubbing the f*ck out of my Dr. Martens tomorrow. At least it's not as bad as swallowing the dust storm from the mosh pit at Riot Fest 2013.

21. It's going to be hell getting home if you're not driving.

I ain't down to wait in that TTC line though.

22. Your voice will be gone and your body will be drained by the end of the weekend.

Rock music, amirite?

23. No matter what happens, you're going to have a f*cking great time.

Photo cred – Giphy

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