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There are a lot of words circling in the english language right now that need to be stopped right now, in fact, yesterday would've been a preferable end date.

Torontonians are a smart bunch, well educated, sophisticated and very classy (most of the time) but like everyone else we have our weaknesses, our imperfections, if you will. The good thing is that there are worse places to find crimes against conversation than Toronto but we aren't perfect, sometimes we just can't help it or maybe we just don't want to help it. These phrases are annoying as all hell and we know that but we say them anyway because it is a free damn country!

Here are 23 things that Torontonians should stop saying but probably never will, oops.

"Sorry, not sorry"

& we're not sorry we say it

"Can I borrow a subway token?"

Someone always has a subway token so why buy any of our own?


Substituting for the proper english word: 'though,' Used in a sentence 'That party was lame but the bitties were fine styll'


The worst word for females, ever

"Pick a place to eat"

This just leads to 45 minutes of debate, vetoing, silence and added hunger, and we would have it no other way.


Chillin' just sounds too proper


Common misconception that Bae is short for baby but actually its an acronym for Before Anything (one?) else. None of that is important because it single handedly the most annoying wannabee word ever.

"The 6 (sometimes spelt 6ix)"

This is a new one, courtesy of, who else, the mayor of Toronto, Drake but let's just kill it before it goes any further. (we secretly love it)

"God, I hate the winter"

No one likes winter you idiot but you live in Canada so suck it up and move on


It's the Canadian way to overuse this one


Or we could stick with that word that's been around forever, 'Yes'

"Eyebrows on fleek"

Torontonians care a lot about their brows, as we should, but like what the eff does fleek even mean?



"Bye Felicia!"

Who is Felicia and where is she always going?

"Started from the bottom, now we here"

& all other Drake lyrics that we seem to weave into regular conversation, it's just so fun! " Let's toast to the fact that I moved out my momma's basement. To a condo downtown 'cause it's all about location."

"It's Vintage"

No it isn't, that's a lie and no one likes a liar


Why is this a thing? Is Toronto too hard to pronounce or something?

"Hashtag [insert stupid follow up here]"

Hashtag ew, hashtag sorry not sorry, hashtag ain't nobody got time for that. We know it's annoying but we hashtag don't care

"I want a snack, but I don't know what"

Too. many. choices. Not even hungry.

"Let's just take a cab"

Ew, walking

"I just need to run in here really quick"

Aka I don't want to run my errands alone so I tricked you into doing them with me


I have a name and lack a penis so please refrain from calling me bro

"Yo, let's get some Pho"

but it's just sooooooo good.

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