Forget about Tinder Toronto, it's all about Bumble. So many individuals resort to dating apps now a days, we decided to scroll through Bumble and check out what's going on with single people in Toronto.

Well let us tell you, there are a lot of hunks on Bumble from the 6ix. They've caught our attention and you might have to sign up on Bumble right now after seeing their profile pics (if you've already not.) We would like to introduce you to 24 of the hottest Toronto guys on Bumble this week:

Will you take a date on bike ride with Yusuf ? 

Have you found your puck bunny Daniel? 

Matthew, your shirt brings out your beautiful blue eyes. 


We would wine and dine with you anytime Anthony. 

Damnnnn Timothy. 

Hassib, you have a million dollar smile. 

Look at those guns! 

You're sooooo cute Jason. 

You rock those Calvin's Daniel. 

We love the scruff Kurt. 

Those lips though... 

Why so serious? 

Cheers handsome! 

Matthew you rock that suit and tie.

The flow and scruff make a perfect combo. 

When is the next time you're going on vacation ? 

Thats a big... Pint glass. 

Thank you lord. 

Hello Mr. Grey. 

Are you related to Taylor Lautner? 

Long hair, we care. 

You're a special kind Andrew. 

Korey, your jaw line is so defined! 

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