September is quickly approaching, which means school is right around the corner.  For all the Humber Lakeshore students out there, that means OSAP struggles, paint party stains, and never ending line ups at Tim's.

Whether you've graduated from Humber, you're still attending, or you're starting in September, you're bound to (soon) relate to a few of these signs.

See you in September guys! 

1. You suffer from HOCO FOMO

Once September rolls around and the HOCO pictures start flooding your news feed, you get a little sad that Humber doesn't have a football team.

2. You only attend the Lakeshore Frosh events

Because why would I want to board the free shuttle (aka school bus) or take the TTC for half an hour when I can just go to a house party?  No thanks.

3. You always make sure people know you go to the Lakeshore campus

Because there is a HUGE difference, and you're not about to be associated with North.

4. Tatsu's spinach bagel will always trump a Tim's Bagel

These bagels make pretty much an shitty situation better, especially when they are served warm.

5. You have a deep hatred for the high school kids in the Tim Horton's line up

If you're wearing a kilt, or have not fully hit puberty, please GTFO.

6.  You have stained at least 1 bed sheet, shower curtain, or wall from the Frosh paint party

Most fabrics in my res room had an orange tinge from frosh week onward.

7. You vote in the HSF elections purely for the free popcorn

I don't know who's running, what their platform is, or what program they are in.  But I do know that I like popcorn, so I'm an avid voter.

8. SRS and blackboard are the bane of your existence

LOL what is registration without a mental breakdown, am I right?! 

9. Having classes in AB building during second semester is like entering a sauna

Where is the AC at??? Also why does this building look like a high school???

10. You either have 90% of your classes in the Birmingham building, or you think it's a myth

When I tell people I'm heading to Birm they look at me as if I told them I'm going to Narnia.



12. You avoid all eye contact with the Humber Hawk

The humber hawk makes you mildly uncomfortable, and you avoid it at all costs.

13. You check "Spotted at Humber" for the sole purpose of making sure you're not being talked about.

"To the girl with the face, you are so cute. Pls hit me up -Guy with the hair" 

14. You get secondhand embarrassment when the security guards roll up on segways

Please just get back in your jeep.  I cannot take you seriously when your doing donuts on your segway in the parking lot.

15.  Finding a computer in the library is like finding a needle in a haystack

And the best part is, most of the people who are on the computers are either on Facebook or playing games.

16. You have almost broke your neck while walking on the "cobble stones" at the cottages

LIFE ALERT. I have fallen and I cannot get back up.

17. The sleep lounge seems like a good idea, but also seems gross AF

A nap between classes is very tempting, but the thought of how many people have drooled on the pillows is less than appealing.

18.  You have attended a Thursday night at the Refinery and it was LIT

Who knew half of your elective would be downing $4 PBRs on a Thursday? 

19. You have ran into one of your profs on the TTC...

...And it was totally awkward.  Do you say hey? Do you give them your paper to look over? Do you explain why you skipped their class last week?

20. You can spot a Residents Student a mile away

The dead giveaway is the flip flops in november and constant sweat pants.

21. You forget what colour the walls are during election season

Once elections roll around, Humber gets a new coat of wallpaper.  The amount of posters for the exact same 3 people is somewhat overwhelming.

22. Everyone is a lot nicer once the OSAP comes in

I swear the vibe completely changes once OSAP arrives.

23. You are way too excited about the new Starbucks opening

For those of you who don't know, the new Welcome Building on Lakeshore will have a Starbucks.  This means another Humber establishment that the high school students can take over.

24. Leonardo Dicaprio

You're still confused as to why his face was all over campus, but you applaud the individual who took the time to do it.

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