Unbelievable has two different meanings here; first, some of these insane combinations are so delicious we can't believe it. Second? We're still trying to get our heads around the idea that some of these actually exist outside our dreams.

Toronto is no stranger to innovative food combinations, from the CNE in 2016 , to the legendary (and slightly concerning) doughnut sushi - you think we would have covered all the bases by now. But that's where the beauty of foodie's minds really start to shine, they aren't limited by what's supposed to go together. Burgers with grilled cheese buns? Sure. A pizza that tastes exactly like a big mac? Why not. Combining what seems like every type of chip, candy and cake in one delicious square? FIRE ME UP.

Here's to the Toronto food scene, keep being limitless foodie friends. Take your taste buds to another world without every having to leave the 6ix- if you're up for the challenge.

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1. Sushi Burger // SU&BU

Is there anything left to do with sushi?! While you're there grab one of their equally amazing Sushi Burritos for a snack for the road/drunk food/sober dinner/thing to enjoy with a friend - the point is, it's just too good to pass up.

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2. S'mores or Orea loco Cocoa // Short & Sweet Bakeshop

Oreos, s'mores and cocoa isn't so unbelieveable, what we can't believe? How INSANELY awesome this not only looks but tastes. This adorable mid-town cafe is the second location of the delicious Short and Sweet Bakeshop stores, but this one includes a cafe. They even rolled out a 50 Shades of Pink Hot Loco Cocoa for valentines day, who knows what they'll come out with next?

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3. Sir John A Mcdonald (The Big Mac Pizza)  // Big House Pizza

We all love the big mac, and sharing is caring, so why not share the love and put it on a pizza? Big House Pizza did and we're NOT complaining! In the mood for an epic pizza? Get this one or their 'za with nutella, banana, marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and caramel dip.

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4. Krispy Krunchy French Toast // SCHOOL

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, and when SCHOOL serves it up with strawberry maple drizzle and sugar dust? Well, we can't argue with that statement. A second option? Their waffles with strawberry compote, graham cracker crumb and bo bake cardamom cheesecake or cheesy bacon french toast.


5. Patateje Oorlog (war frites) topped with mayo and peanut sauce // Noorden

Modern Dutch food flavoured with Indonesian spices? Living proof that even the oddest combinations can make something beautiful. While you're there try out their take on the classic Scotch Egg with Tomato Chili Jame. While you're there take your french fry game to the next level with their patateje oorlog/war frites that are topped with mayo and peanut sauce.

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6. The Landing Cure // Hunters Landing 

The caesars of all caesars, the oscar winner of brunch cocktails - it's the landing cure. Absolut vodka caesar, lobster tail, pizza slice, Jalapeno Havarti, bacon, fresh cut vegetables, and house pickles for the ULTIMATE caesar.


7. Sushi Taco // Sushi Shop

Put it in a taco, but it in a burrito, make it into a doughnut - any way is good for us when it comes to sushi. This Toronto Sushi chain has a variety of other varieties of classics if you feel like switching it up like their sushi pizza and poke bowls!

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8. Popcorn Cake // Bake Shoppe

A match made in a delicious buttercream dream brought to life thanks to this delectable Toronto bakery. The crunch with that smooth icing? Don't mind if I do. While you're there try out their Ruffles Marshmallow Square.


9. Churro Pancake // El Caballito

It's only natural that one of the most fun restaurants in the city is serving up this exciting creation. Every Saturday from 11am until 3pm you can get this creation during Jorge's brunch, get there early cause this place gets packed! Not around Saturdays? Their half price Taco and Tequila Tuesday nights don't disappoint either.

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10. Double pork burger with pancake buns and pad thai fries // Lisa Marie

Don't want none unless you got pancake buns hun. (That's how it goes right?) This is the new innovative Fidel Gastro spot that's been taking Queen West by storm. Try some of their other creative dishes like their Thai green curry mac & cheese or their maple hot cauliflower dish.


11. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich // Los Colibris

Ice cream mixed with the flaky, warm taste of a churro? Two words, yes, please. Start with the Carnitas de Pato and you have a VIP dinner lined up. Another great option? Their Mexican bread pudding with pumpkin spice ice cream!


12. The Vatican City Burger // The Burger's Priest

You've probably heard of this gastronomical feat, but have you tried it yet? If not, get ready for (heart problems?) a double cheeseburger between with two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. Not enough of a challenge? Try one of their options on their not so secret, secret menu.


13. Stuffed Chimney Cones // Eva's Original Chimey's

The Doughnut Cone craze doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, and why would it? Ever since Eva's Original Chimney's brought this Hungarian pastry (called a Kürtöskalác or Trdelník) from Budapest and Prague to Toronto, it's been on every single Torontonian's radar. Choose from a variety of options like cinnamon, strawberry shortcake, cookie monster and so many more mouth watering options!


14. Jerk shawarma poutine // Chris Jerk

The days of poutine being a "simple dish" are long gone, and Toronto's epic food scene proves that case and point. Juicy shawarma to compliment your fries, with the essential cheese and gravy combo makes for a must try dish.


15. Nacho Pierogis // Inter Steer Tavern 

I never knew that it was possible to be intrigued, scared, and also absolutely perplexed all at the same time. To the creative genius that thought of this, bravo. Double bravo for whipping up the equally innovative Poutine Pierogi as well.


16. Mac & Cheeto Burrito // Junked Food Co. 

Why yes, friends you read that right. This concoction combines the creamy element of your favourite comfort food, mac and cheese, with the kick of jalapeno cheddar Cheetos. So, as Space Jam/Jock Jams asked, are you ready for this? If not, maybe ease your way into it with a mac & cheeza (mac and cheese pizza, duh).


17. Chocolate stuffed pizza with roasted marshmallows // Cocao 70

Two of our favourite things topped off with roasted marshmallows? Did they literally go inside my dream?! IS THIS INCEPTION OR SOMETHING? Make sure to top off your meal by choosing one of their famous chocolate shots.


18. 18 Carrot Dog // Planta

100 percent plant-based food usually draws up images of endless dry salads, not at this Yorkville gem. The carrot dogs are smoked and flavorful enough to satisfy any carnivore with the sauerkraut and dill pickle.. Try out their pizza (the Italian Job uses fennel sausage for a very meaty tasting pizza), or their fresh Watermelon Poke.

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19. Mac 'n Cheese Grilled Cheese // Uncle Betty's

This uptown brunch favourite that has been serving up amazing comfort food combinations for years had to be on our list. Their Ultimate Grilled Cheese (cheese, mac 'n cheese, with your choice of pulled pork, meatloaf, or/and bacon), Ultimate Hot Dog (topped with mac n' cheese, pulled pork or meatloaf, cheddar on top), poutine options (breakfast, pulled pork etc), breakfast sandwich on a donut, legendary ice cream sandwich (on a donut), and pretty much any other item on their menu redefine comfort food.


20. Deep fried Nutella lollipops // Holy Chuck

Though this famous Toronto burger spot is obviously known for their insane burgers (The Holy Chuck, The Big Chuck, Le Croissant Du Paysan), they are also switching up how you define dessert. From foie gras pancakes, nutella fries with ice cream, and the butcher, the baker & the ice cream maker (raw cookie dough wrapped with bacon then deep fried served with ice cream) - every visit is like an episode of man vs. food.


21. Peanut butter and jelly doughnut // The Rolling Pin

You HAVE to know what's coming......IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME, PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME. The Rolling Pin never ceases to amaze us with their insane doughnut creations.


22. Brûléed challah French toast with pismaniye (cotton candy) // The Good Fork 

Just the name sounds delicious. This Bloor West spot is ready to make all your brunch dreams come true.


23. Big Mac Bao // DaiLo

Apparently, Toronto is REALLY loving it. The big mac can now be found in burger, pizza and bao thanks to DaiLo, this traditional Chinese/French tradition restaurant. Chef Nick Liu is changing the way we taste New Asain Cuisine, take his sweet and sour pork hock served with a jellyfish slaw, it's a new experience you have to try out.


24. Ramen Burger // Kaboom Chicken

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly put any other food into burger format, Kaboom brought this masterpiece to us. Their famous Ramen burger comes with taro chips, but you have to try some other options on this dope Korean street style menu. A classic is their Korean fried chicken or their Kimchi Fries.

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