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Toronto life is one of a kind. Despite it's ups and downs, one thing that holds this city together is the fact that everyone is always down to party. Here are just a few of the ways that life here is like living in a non-stop rager.

1. You're constantly running into people you know all over the Annex

2. Toronto commemorated the big blackout of 2003 with a street party

3. Sneaky Dee's has a different dance night every night

Photo cred - Jon W

4. Everyone you meet in Little Italy is a DJ

5. Brunch from Scarborough to Etobicoke always comes with a little hair of the dog

6. You'll meet a stranger at the Cameron House, and instantly become friends forever

7. Your friends all do their homework with a drink at Nirvana

8. Yes Yes Y'all is always bumpin'

Photo cred - Yes Yes Y'all

9. You can get trashed at 3030, then come back the next morning for breakfast

10. Being on Queen West is like walking down a runway

11. Breakfast extends till 4 everywhere

 12. Everyone has stories about that after hours in Kensington Market

13. The Lakeview lets you keep the good times rollin' all night

Photo cred - Matt MacGillivray

14. House parties don't end until 7am when the TTC opens up again

15. There's a line out the door at the Drake every Friday night

16. Wrongbar will never run out of shows to host

17. You just found out about Pour Boy, and you'll probably discover a new bar next week

18.Everyone knows someone who's run an event as big as Big Primpin'

Photo cred - lastnightat3am

19. There's craft beer breweries sprinkled all over the city, and every bar has it's own house beer

20. Hey Lucy has drink specials every night

21. Going to Trinity Bellwoods is just an excuse to day drink

22. You have that one friend who's always going too far and waking up under a car in the Entertainment District

23. You're always blown away by how cute everyone at Ryerson is

Photo cred - Laura D'Alessandro

24. Between U of T, Ryerson, George Brown, York, and all the other schools, there's an endless supply of students to party with

25. You've got friends you can crash with downtown, as well as in the Junction if that's where the night takes you

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