Why should you move to Toronto? The question actually should be... why not? Why should you move to a city where you find yourself spending summer days at, raiding food trucks, and shopping until your wallet begs you to find a new hobby? Why should you move to a place where the people are bustling and the lights are shining? The city of Toronto was recently ranked the best place in the world to live in, according to The Economist. Sure, our former mayor used to smoke pot - but at least Drake would be probably be named his predecessor

1.  You consider The Burger's Priest an actual religious leader

2. You forgot that Toronto was called "Toronto" and not "The 6ix"

3. You have woes

4. You can power shop through Yorkville in under an hour

5. Your phone has a dozen photos of the CN Tower on it, just because

6. You've been to all the tourist attractions - more than once

7. The thrill you get when you come up from the underground subway onto the busy streets

8. Your knowledge on indie coffee shops is widespread

9. You have an appreciation for ethnic food

10. You've been to every Chinatown in Toronto

11. Poutine

12. You're used to cold summers

13. You've caught a glimpse of a Much Music VJ out and about

14. Queen West is your second home

15. You don't get lost at the Eaton Centre anymore

16. You (still) support the Toronto Maple Leafs

17. You live in the GTA but tell people you live in Toronto

18. You don't pronounce the second "T" in "Toronto"

19. You've visited every Toronto neighbourhood like The Annex, Liberty Village and Kensington

20. You always know what and who to expect at the Yonge Dundas Square

21. You're used to walking by movie sets and award show set ups

22. Breakfast Television is better than a cup of coffee in the morning

23. You hate the TTC, but you love the TTC

24. You secretly wish Rob Ford was still mayor

25. You get mad when someone from out of town refers to Toronto as a smaller version of New York City

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