Before the days of iPhones or iPads, all 90's kids had were dial-up versions of and of course, t.v. Cartoons were the closest we ever got to digital entertainment. I don't know if I can speak for the majority of 90s kids, but the attachment that I had to my TV was real af. 

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I've always loved TV, characters and movies - childhood ones are no exception. When @DEKA_bot's recent Twitter thread went viralwe decided to round up our old favourites - that might be your old favourites - and compile them in a long-forgotten list. Head over to @DEKA_bot's Twitter to see if any others jog your memory! 

1. Stickin' Around

Anyone remember this insanely low-quality graphic adventures of Stacy and Bradley?? These two would draw their own stick-figure fantasy to play out on the regular. Stacy screeching "BRADDDLLLEY" still haunts me in my dreams.

2. Sagwa the Siamese Chinese Cats

The adventures of the loveliest family of royal cats painting with the tips of their tails!! The emperor was always very jokes and the theme song was a chuuuune. Sagwa, you're my best friend. 

3. Being Ian 

A young videographer making his way in the world! Ian's adventures of love and awkward-ness were always funny to watch. These two grandmas were basically the stars of the show over anyone else and his eye-less dog, obviously.

4. Corduroy Bear 

This adorable bear was apart of one of our favourite shows!! Lisa and Corduroy were the nicest duo ever. Shoutout Lisa for sewing on a button on his overalls!! 

5. Clash of the Titans

I'd like to think we were all pretty invested in this show?? If anything this was a prelude to The Hunger Games that we all needed.

6. Yvon of the Yukon

I still cringe thinking about Yvon of the Yukon. Remember when a husky peed and freed Yvon from the ice?? Ugh, gross. At least there was some historical content, sometimes??

7. Redwall

Ok this show really did a number on my heart.Maybe it was the Medieval theme, or the whole rodent-on-rodent war with that terrifying rat villain?? The plot was thick and I don't think they ever aired episodes in sequence. Would still watch today tbh. 

8. Reboot

This was a late night YTV show that you knew you were up too late to be watching. I don't think I ever fully understood what was going on with this show, plot wise? Probably for the best. These graphics pain me, hard pass.

9. Total Drama Island

BRUH this was an amazing show. A fictionalized, cartoon, reality show?! This was incredible. Basically, animated Real World. Would stream on Netflix. 

10. Na Na Land

An icon!!!! Did the little green girl even speak actual words?? I remember the dog was named Russell and Nana was just a great team player having these rascals over. 

11. Timothy Goes To School

A show with longevity and diversity, I really do back this show to this day. Frank & Frank fighting to go through the door. Yoko's sushi-box episode. All of the characters got their time to shine and I respect it. 

12. Seven Little Monsters

Definitely not as scary as everyone thought, Seven Little Monsters was all about siblings playing and messing around in a house together. It definitely encouraged you to pick your favourite monster & back them, though. (I love you, Six!!)

13. Babar 

We rarely saw these elephants without their crowns. Very on brand with their hot air balloon to take them to-and-fro. 

14. Monster By Mistake

Warren was always getting morphed into this crazy blue thing just by sneezing. Also, was the ghost side-kick ever explained???

15. Jacob Two-Two

R E S P E C T to this French Canadian TREASURE. Homie had a Canadian flag in the damn intro. Yes!! Putting us on the map! 

16. What About Mimi?

This Teletoon trio just acted out average pre-teen life to the best of their ability. 

17. Maggie and The Ferocious Beast 

This beast was never ferocious, just sweet!! Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast would just chill in Nowhere land together, living their best lives.

18. Flying Rhino Junior High

Earl was always way too whack for our well being!! Wreaking havoc on your school for failing shop?? Get over it guy!! 

19. Angela Anaconda

I can still hear Angela saying Ninny-poo. Angela was super extra and I'm glad this show died out when it did. Was there ever a reason for black and white faces, also?? 

20. Totally Spies

Clover, Alex & Sam were basically goals. Now and still. Can we talk about the laser lipstick for a second?? Amazing. 

21. Little Bear

A sweet and wholesome Canadian treasure. My mom even liked Little Bear. 

22. George Shrinks

Was this before or after Stuart Little the movie?? Unsure. Also, was George's small size ever explained?? Highlights, the catchy-jingle theme song and the jokes inventor father crafting George little gadgets. 

23. Bernstein Bears 

Did anyone think it was weird that other bears called Brother and Sister Brother and Sister, like those were their names?????

24. 6TEEN

The best show to ever come out of Canada!! Ever!! EVER!! Caitlin at the lemon = iconic. 

25. What's With Andy?

This practical joker stole everyone's heart back in the day. For real, I lived through his pranks.

26. Braceface

This show was just relatable af considering I had braces and was terribly awkward. Fortunately my braces never tuned into radio stations/phone calls/school announcements. 

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