Toronto will be flooded with A-listers over the next few months. From TIFF to JFL to a barrage of hot concerts and shows, Toronto's occupants will be even cooler than usual!

With all of these entertainers flocking to the city, it wouldn't be abnormal to run into celebrities on your morning Starbucks route or at a chic restaurant in Yorkville.

Here are some of the hottest stars due to grace The Six over the next couple of months:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

There is a good chance Leo will attend TIFF this year to promote a documentary feature he stars in. We can't wait to see America's (now officially) Best Actor walk our red carpet and hopefully our streets for some touring afterward!

2. Amy Adams

She stars in two films being screened at this year's TIFF, so we'd say there's a pretty good chance of spotting Hollywood's favourite redhead in the T dot.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal co-stars alongside Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals and will likely be present at TIFF to promote the film.

 4. Adele

Adele will be in Toronto from October 3rd-7th, but is only performing 4 out of 5 nights, meaning that you might be able to spot her around the city on her day off: October 5th.

Photo cred - @goslingdaily

5. Ryan Gosling

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling stars in La La Land, which will be screened at this year's TIFF. We're hoping to see him there!

6. Post Malone

Post Malone will be performing at the Sound Academy for one night only on October 5th. However, he has a full day in between his performance in Montreal on the 3rd and Toronto on the 5th, which might mean he plans to spend the other half of his travel day galavanting around Toronto!

7. James Franco

America's hottest weirdo is GUARANTEED to be at this year's TIFF as a judge for the TIFFxInstagram Shorts mini-fest. We can't wait to see him there!

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JoGo-LevLev (let's see if that catches on) plays Edward Snowden in the eponymously titled film and we are expecting to see him represent the flick at TIFF this year, hopefully alongside co-stars Shailene Woodley and Zachary Quinto!

9. Amy Schumer

The Trainwreck star is taking a break from her Comedy Central show to go on tour again, starting at the end of this month! She plans to make a stop in Toronto on November 9th, and we're hoping she also plans to make a stop at a Toronto bar afterward so we can get to know the funny miss!

Photo cred - Celebrity Pictures

10. Denzel Washington

Washington stars in the reboot of legendary Western film The Magnificent Seven and is expected to be present on TIFF's red carpet this year!

11.  Kanye West

Yeezy will be in Toronto from August 30th-31st and we're hoping he'll take some time between concerts to make an appearance at his Toronto pop-up shop location!

12. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt stars alongside Denzel Washington in The Magnificent Seven, so hopefully he'll show up with wifey Anna Faris and make a trip out of it. Chris, if you're reading this, and I'm sure you are, here are all of the restaurants you can take Anna to in Toronto!

13. Barbara Streisand

This legendary actress and singer will be performing in Toronto on September 23rd for one night only. Don't miss out!

14. Natasha Leggero

The hilarious comedian will be performing at the Queen Elizabeth theatre on September 30th and October 1st as part of the Just For Laughs comedy festival. Perhaps you'll see her at a local bar afterward, she doesn't have anything lined up again until October 13th.

Photo cred - Comedy Central

15. Jim Gaffigan

Two-time author and stand-up superstar Jim Gaffigan will also be performing as part of the Just For Laughs festival on September 29th.

16. Dakota Fanning

She plays a young anti–Vietnam war activist in the film American Pastoral and sources say that we can definitely expect her attendance at the TIFF screening!

17. Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark may be present at TIFF this year for the screening of Deepwater Horizon in which he stars as a drilling rig worker. Maybe we'll catch him at Wahlburger's afterward?

18. Chris D'Elia

The comedian and social media phenomenon will be performing in the Just For Laughs comedy festival on October 1st. He won't be performing anywhere again until the end of October, so perhaps he'll hang out in Toronto for a bit!

19. Drake

Not a surprise, but always a pleasure. Drake is coming back for round two of his Summer Sixteen tour on October 8th and 9th. He's also rumoured to be building a dream mansion on the Bridle Path, so we can expect to see our favourite Torontonian actually hanging around in Toronto in the near future!

Photo cred - YouTube

20. Future

Don't forget about Future! He'll be returning to Toronto for round two of the Summer Sixteen with Drake. Hopefully the duo will party it up in the city afterward and we can try and catch them along King St W somewhere!

21. Anthony Jeselnik

The handsome comedian will be performing as part of the Just For Laughs comedy festival on September 30th at the Sony Center. He is not scheduled for any future performances as of right now, so maybe he'll hang back in Toronto with some of his funny buddies!

22. Lupita Nyong’o

We hope to see this brilliant beauty bless the TIFF red carpet at the screening of Queen of Katwe.

23. Sia

Legendary singer-songwriter Sia will be bringing it to the ACC on October 22nd! 

24. Woody Harrelson

Like Amy Adams, Harrelson will be featured in two films at this year's TIFF, so there's a pretty good chance he'll be paying Toronto a visit!

Photo cred - @johnmulaney

25. John Mulaney

The award-winning comedian will be in Toronto on September 4th for the Oddball Comedy Fest alongside Brian Regan and Sebastian Maniscalco.

16. Nicole Kidman

The brilliant actress stars in Lion, which will be screened at TIFF this year. We hope to see her there!

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