We all have bad days, those days where everything goes to complete sh*t. You think your self what did I do to deserve this and why are these things happening to me? These certain things have the ability to ruin your whole entire day.

Keep your fingers crossed they don't become part of your daily routine... Let's acknowledge these 26 ways your day could have turned into a complete disaster:

1. You sleep in for work/school.

2. Because your alarm clock didn't go off.

3. Or you just slept through it.

4. There's no more toothpaste.

5.  Nor a clean towel.

6. Or body wash/shampoo.

 7. You realize you don't have any clean underwear/socks.

 8. You can't find anything to wear.

 9.  When you finally find something to wear, it's either covered in animal hair or has stains.

 10. You burn your breakfast and almost set the house on fire.

 11. If you drive:

a) You barely have gas to get to the nearest gas station.

b) You're pulled over for missing a stop sign or speeding.

c) Obviously you're stuck in mad traffic on the Gardiner /DVP/401/427/404.

d) You can't find parking.

12. If you take public transit:

a) You miss the train/bus/streetcar.

b) You don't have change for fair.

c) You miss your stop.

13. When you get to work/school you realize:

a) You forgot your wallet.

b) And your charger.

c) Your phone is at 2%

c) You didn't lock the door.

14. You completely forgot you have an exam/essay due at school.

 15. Or a presentation for work.

 16. Your computer crashes on you out of no where and important files don't save.

 17. You become hangry because you don't have time to grab lunch and you didn't have breakfast or your morning coffee.

 18. You can't wait for the day to be over.

 19. When the work/school day is done you run out and forget something there too.

 20. You're stuck in rush hour traffic once again.

 21. You finally get home and make yourself dinner that ends up tasting like complete sh*t.

 22. You're late for the gym.

 23. You forget your gym gear.

 24. You can't complete your workout, so you go home.

 25. You roll around in bed for hours because you can't fall asleep.

 26. You hope for a better day tomorrow.

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