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Enough is enough. Except it's not. Instead we will just keep putting up with millions of shitty things that happen in this city on a daily basis.

Don't get me wrong Toronto is amazing and millions of amazing things happen here to, but call me a sour Susan I'd prefer to bitch and complain, thank you very much.

Torontonians are a special breed. Anyone else from anywhere else ain't going to put up with this shit but Torontonians certainly will and do on a daily basis. Check out what made the list.

1. Extremely shitty restaurant service

Torontonians love to eat and with this love comes the ability to put up with extremely bad service. Why are we so willing to put up with poor service and why do we continue to frequent places these places and tip generously? I know not...I know not...

2. Ugly as fuck subway

Pretty sky trains? I think not. This is Toronto we have an ugly subway system that is pretty small and mostly terrible, mostly. 

3. Rob Ford

How did this happen? WHY did this happen?

4. Streetcars

Umm most of the time it's faster to walk than take the streetcar. So what is the point of streetcars you say? Exactly! What is the bloody point?!

5. The jesus man on the corner of yonge and dundas

Yup, we've been putting up with him for awhile now. BELIEVE in the lord guys.

6. An ugly skyline filled with nuttin' but condos

Sometimes when you blink you'll miss a condo being built, they are going up that fast.

7. Attitude from people working at independent coffee shops

Your coffee order is being judged. If you ask for regular coffee you will most certainly be judged. So much attitude in one tiny tattoo-covered body.

8. Construction everywhere always

Constant street closures, incessant noise, but hey we don't complain! (All we do is complain)

9. Obscenely long line ups at Starbucks

The line up at yonge and king street on any given morning will blow your mind. Bring a tent and food rations, odds are you will be spending the better half of your day in that line up.

10. Hipsters

Why don't we just suffocate them all? Nope. Instead we put up with them, sigh.

11. The Serial Dater

Torontonians put up with her and they didn't burn her at the stake, though for some this is a sad and/or scary fact.

12. Shitty hot dog buns

Couldn't the buns be a little softer? Just me?

13. Overpriced clothes from American Apparel you could of bought at Value Village for a fraction of the price

A lot of Torontonians like to look homeless and a lot of them will pay good money to look homeless too. The price of clothes at American Apparel is a great example of this type of buyer behaviour.

14. Pigeons, lots of pigeons

Torontonians won't even flinch when a pigeon accosts them for a french fry or perhaps a raisin. We're just used to ferocious fowls.

15. Restaurants that only take cash

Why do we put up with this? Why haven't we burnt these places to the ground yet!? WHY

16. Freshii

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this place is turning a profit selling lettuce. LETTUCE.

17. Hero Burger

Why do we support this? The food here is beyond terrible, yet, like a bunch of idiots, we are putting up with it. Shame on us. Must be the name.

18. Bad smells

Couldn't we all agree to invest in some sort of large city wide air freshener? Perhaps the scent could be ocean breeze or maybe patchouli?

19. Dirty lake water

We brag about living on the water, yet what is the water good for really? We can't even swim in it...

20. Ridiculously insane people who have ridiculously insane opinions on the internet

Before you're allowed to comment on something you should be forced to take a test to prove your sanity. Am I right Toronto, or am I right?

21. Bad street performances at yonge and dundas

Why are we encouraging them? Do not stop out of curiosity! Maybe that way they'll go away or at least return to the dark place from whence they came.

22. Millions of things related to multiculturalism, all of which shall not be named or else I might really be burnt at the stake

My lips are sealed.

23. The cost of living

Things are more expensive here but we will gladly part with every penny if it means we get an address in the city

24. Sub par ramen

It isn't really that good.

25. Cockroaches

My apartments super pretty, amazing location, but we have cockroaches. Oh well.

26. People without a sense of humour

These people should certainly be put to sleep and put out of their misery. Toronto, they are bringing us all down!

27. Cat lovers

Why are we putting up with these people who are obsessed with cats? Wearing cat sweaters, cat socks, talking about what kind of cat foods they buy. Bleh. Enough is enough.

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