No matter what age you are, the winter holiday season always seems to carry just a little more magic in the air than any other time of the year. It definitely warms your heart during this otherwise cold season to see strangers perform kind deeds for one another, or to pass by the fun, festive storefront of Hudson's Bay on Yonge Street.

However, I would argue that no matter what you do, the holiday feels will never quite compare with the pure excitement you used to feel as a child every year around this time. How many of these little holiday moments bring back a powerful wave of nostalgia for when you were a kid?

1. Watching the annual Santa Claus Parade on TV!

2. Going tobogganing at the local hill in your neighborhood with a bunch of your friends.

3. Watching Home Alone for the millionth time.

4. And How The Grinch Stole Christmas, too!

5. Going to the mall in early November and realizing that they've started setting up Santa's workshop.

6. Skating at Nathan Phillips Square and enjoying the Calvacade of Lights!

7. Buying gingerbread house kits from your local grocery store and constructing the most epic works of art with your siblings/friends.

8. Trying to sneak as many M&M's and gum drops off that gingerbread house as you can in the days following before anyone else notices something's missing... ;)

9. Getting gifted a chocolate advent calendar and obviously eating all of the chocolate waaay before December 31st.

10. Memorizing and quoting just about every line from the Elf movie.

11. Seeing your parents pull the Christmas tree out of storage (if it was an artificial one), or...

12. ... getting to pick out the perfect tree each year to bring home with you.

13. Dedicating several hours of your afternoon to decorating your tree because it just had to look perfect from every angle.

14. The excitement of seeing the very first presents magically appear underneath the tree one morning!

15. And then casually checking every morning from then on to see if any more showed up overnight.

16. Attempting to help your mom or dad out with shoveling the driveway but totally getting distracted or bored after 5 minutes and ended up making snow angels instead.

17. Lowkey shaking and feeling up the gifts with your name on 'em to see if you can figure out what's inside.

18. Watching the Christmas lights slowly pop up one by one in your neighborhood and admiring them all from the backseat of the car.

19. Taking pictures with Santa at Scarborough Town Centre or Fairview Mall.

20. Your parents hated maneuvering through the crowds at the Eaton's Centre during the holiday season but you loved admiring all the massive, glittering Christmas decorations.

21. Making Christmas tree ornaments at school and your parents definitely letting you hang them on the tree, even though looking back now you realize your super amazing pieces of art were actually kinda ugly.

22. Collecting tree ornaments from past years and reminiscing over each one as you pull the ornaments out of their box.

23. Home always smelled a little more delicious around the holiday season - you would often come home from school to the scent of freshly baked cookies or hot apple cider.

24. Hanging your stockings up and, over the next few days, watching them slowly fill up with a bunch of fun little goodies (most likely just from Dollarama... but still - exciting!)

25. If you're lucky, you got to go skiing or snowboarding at Blue Mountain, Dagmar or Horseshoe Resort and it was one of the most fun trips each winter - if you could get off the bunny hill, that is.

26. Getting the jumbo holiday edition of the Sears catalogue in the mail and flipping through the toy section... maybe even leaving it open to a specific page on the kitchen table hoping your mom or dad would get the hint.

27. Family get-togethers during the holidays were always the best, mainly because a) more presents and b) more food. So. Much. Food.

28. Driving through *fancier* neighborhoods just to enjoy their epic Christmas lights.

29. You would pray that you'd wake up to a Snow Day and not have to go to school - but then again, it could be the most epic blizzard of the decade and the TDSB would still keep schools open.

30. All the other little winter holiday traditions unique to you and your family. Happy holidays! :)

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