Girls are the Eighth Wonder of the World. They are living and breathing works of art, existing in various exquisite forms and silhouettes. They face the dreaded wrath of Mother Nature every month and still manage to be brilliant and successful. They even possess the incredible power to bring life into this planet; enduring one of biology’s most vicious forms of parasitism in order to do so. Place them in a chaotic and restless city like Toronto, and you’ve basically got yourself a couple of superwomen.

Despite being subjected to ceaseless scrutiny by a society that is suffocated by an overwhelmingly caustic male pride, life as a female is still wonderful and fascinating. Whether you’re a Toronto girl or just a girl in general, you’ll surely agree that these simple joys of life make womanhood worthwhile:

1. Taking off your bra after a long day

Downtown Toronto can tire the 'girls' out.

2. When your 'time of the month' is finally over

Thank you Canada for no-tax feminine hygiene products.

3. Removing chipped nail polish

During your entire TTC commute.

4. Getting your nails done

Say, at Ana's Nail Boutique (for all you Bloor-West Villagers).

5. Having your eyebrows shaped to perfection

Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar, anyone?

6. Freshly shaven legs

Just in time for a day trip to Ashbridges Bay!

7. Guessing your right foundation shade

A quick grab-n-go at Shoppers Drug Mart that changed your life forever.

8. Finding a pair of jeans that fit amazing

Priced at a gazillion dollars at Lavish & Squalor?? Still buying them.

9. When you and your friends have the same shoe size

Less trips to Eaton's Centre and more trips to your friend's closet.

10. Pulling through a parking spot

Especially at Yorkdale Mall, which is always so damn busy.

11. Napping through a rainstorm

Sometimes you look forward to that Toronto hurricane watch.

12. Achieving the perfect selfie

With the beloved Toronto skyline in the background.

13. Unexpected compliments

From the cute barista working at the Bay St. Starbucks.

14. Washing off your makeup at the end of the day

Along with all of that glorious Toronto grime.

15. The smell of your crush's cologne

"Walk into the room and you can smell the Clive Christian scent."

16. When your curls turn out right

And you hit up Muzik just because you can't let 'em go to waste!

17. Taking off your heels after a night out

Because EFS actually stands for "Each Foot's Sore".

18. When your eyeliner is even on both eyelids

And sharper than Mitch Marner's blades.

19. Getting a package in the mail from your online shopping

An every day version of Christmas.

20. Receiving flowers

A bouquet from Alma Florist in downtown  makes you feel a type of way.

21. When your crush messages you first

"I don't know if you know, but I know who you are; you could be as big as Madonna."

22. A glass of wine after work

And the relief that some Toronto LCBO's have extended their hours of operation.

23. Hair ties that don't break

Sephora Ombre Seamless Hair Ties are life.

24. Good lighting

Like at a window seat at Black Canary Espresso Bar in the daytime.

25. Removing split ends

Courtesy of Split Ends Family Hair Salon.

26. When your makeup is still on point even after sweating all day

Thwarting the unpredictable Toronto temperatures.

27. Long tweets that fit 140 characters on your first try

It's a sign that your tweet was meant to be read.

28. Receiving long, meaningful text messages

Complete with caps lock phrases and "holding hands" emojis.

29. Clean and fully-stocked public washrooms

Not like the sketchy one's at Sneaky Dee's.

30. Dad jokes

Perhaps the best pick-me-ups for any day.

What are some of your simple joys of life?

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