Scarborough has a pretty bad rep among people in the GTA, and the media is largely to blame for that. They've often referred to Scarborough as "unsafe" or "boring"; and while those descriptors may bear some nuggets of truth about the area, assigned nicknames like "Scarberia" or "Scarlem" seem a little hyperbolical.

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Because in reality, Scarborough isn't really that bad. Sure, most people who have lived there for the majority of their lives probably want nothing more than to get up and leave, but even if that's the case they cannot deny that Scarborough has given them some awesome experiences here and there that they'll never forget.

There are several "milestones" that the average Scarborough person goes through while living in the area. If you're from Scarborough, you may have already done several things on this list. Nevertheless, here are 30 things every Scarborough person has to do at least once:

P.S. This list will probably strike more of a chord with Scarborough people from a younger generation (Y or Z).

P.P.S. This list also has a lot of food places to check out (because Scarborough is all about the food, ahlie).

1. Mallrat at STC with your friends after school (or by yourself, because that's totally okay).

2. Burn the roof of your mouth with a hot and juicy patty from Warden Station, a.k.a. the best patty spot in town (fight me).

3. Get shawarma at Shawarma Empire, a.k.a. the best shawarma spot in town (fight me also).

4. Have a bonfire at the Bluffs with your best mates.

5. Go to Perfect Chinese Restaurant after a drunken night of downtown clubbing.

6. Take an obligatory picture with a giraffe at the Toronto Zoo (and get in trouble for feeding it stuff that you're not supposed to).

7. Get mad Sunday itis at Matsuda.

8. Go on an adventure at the supposedly haunted Old Finch bridge (while buzzed, as some typically do).

9. School a buddy in a game of billiards at Le Spot.

10. Satisfy your evening munchies at Chako (after a great Escape Room game at Breakout Team Adventures, perhaps).

11. Kill time in Malvern Mall.

12. Kill time at Cedarbrae Mall.

13. Buy bubble tea from Go For Tea (or from Ten Rens at STC if you're from the south and you're lazy).

14. Run ball at Miliken, or Centennial, or even on your street. As long as you run ball ('cause ball is life).

15. Finally go to Markham Station because everyone keeps telling you to (and then realize the hype was real and become a regular there).

16. Mission to The Guild just to take a photo.

17. Feed yourself into a coma at the Scarborough Ribfest.

18. Cause a ruckus at the playground inside Thomson Park.

19. Cool down your patty fever at Allan’s Pastry Shop.

20. Hike the entire Mast trail at Rouge Park.

21. Pass on the McDonalds and try a homestyle burger at Harry’s Drive-In or Johnny's.

22. Hit up the Jack Astors with your squad for one big sports event because that's the place to be for those.

23. Skip some rocks at Rouge Beach.

24. Get your G1 at the Vic Park or Port Union DriveTest centres. Just your G1 (unless you're brave enough to do your other tests there too).

25. Introduce the basics of Scarborough slang to someone from out of town.

26. Go on a careless stroll through Morningside Park (while tipsy, as some typically do).

27. Have deep life talks with a close friend on the 190 Rocket on the way to Fairview Mall.

28. Witness, view, or identify a graffiti tagging.

29. Go to PMall and Club 300 on the Scarborough-Markham border on a boring day.

30.Move out (because you're finally ready to leave after doing all of the above).

How many of these have you already done? Can you add to this list? Leave a suggestion below!

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