Four French women once wrote a novel on the Parisian lifestyle. It chronicled the love, style and bad habits of Parisian women, covering everything from fashion to cooking to faux pas. After reading this book, I started thinking about how unique Toronto women can be as well.

Toronto women really are one of a kind. We have our own way of doing things and you can most likely can point us out in a group. We are the ones who do whatever and whoever we want, the ones who act bad even though we thought we were acting polite. The ones who wear sunglasses in every type of weather, the ones who wear black bras under white shirts. Read on for how to be a Torontonian wherever you are.

1. Say "Toronto" however you damn well please.

2. Drink vodka in the evening...

3. And americanos in the morning.

4. Don't follow trends - you're the kind that starts them.

5. Never actually ask to listen to Drake (but you always want to).

6. Say you knew The Weeknd, even if you didn't.

7. Always keep your nails Sekai fresh.

8. Have a badass job.

9. Always date an older guy, always.

10. Never fish for compliments.

11. A Rudsak leather jacket will always be your signature item.

12. Never wear UGG boots no matter how cold the weather gets.

13. Refuse to take public transit because you're better than it.

14. Take the subway anyways because you're strapped for cash.

15. But you NEVER take a bus.

16. Among the BeaverTails and doughnut cones, calories don't phase you.

17. Always carry a newspaper in your bag.

18. Be selfish - indulge in anything and everything.

19. Always be fvckable - whether you're standing in line at Loblaws or on the dance floor at Everleigh, you always look your best.

20. Defend poutine burritos till your dying breath.

21. But you don't get the whole maple syrup taffy in the snow thing.

22. Always arrive late to a party...

23. And always leave a party when it's in full swing.

24. Be alarmingly honest.

25. Black is you're favourite colour and a wardrobe staple.

26. Never tell a guy your number.

27. Never say "I love you" to a guy.

28. Spend your pay check on lingerie no one will ever see.

29. Never make an excuse to go to bed early.

30. Experiences are your identity; always have fun.

31. When it doubt, just say "sorry" - even when it's not you're fault.

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