Every area of Toronto comes with a reputation: King Street is pretentious, Ossignton is so hip it hurts, Yorkville is for the designer purse crowd, and CityPlace... well, CityPlace is known as the University Residence for those no longer in University. You can't throw a stone two feet in any direction without hitting a young good looking human still kegging like it's first year, and residents over the age of 50 are all but extinct.

Here are some telltale signs you've found yourself living a vibrant, youthful existence in a condo somewhere in the Spadina and Fort York area.

1.You're room mates with someone you went to University with, and live in the same building as at least 35 other people you know.

2. You almost never see anyone over the age of 30.

3. And if you do occasionally stumble across adults or families you assume their realtor must have been playing a sick joke on them.

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4. You've really fine-tuned your awkward elevator conversation because you know you're going to run into one person you at least kind-of know on a daily basis.

5. You opted to live on the 38th floor of your condo for the wicked view.

6. And then wholly regretted that decision the first time you left something behind in your apartment.

7. Because no matter what time of day you're using your elevators, they're always rammed and at least one is out of service.

8. When you see your overnight concierge first thing in the morning he always looks like he knows what the seventh circle of hell looks like (HINT: it looks a lot like 8 hours of drunk youth).

Photo cred - Grad life thru gifs

9. You've definitely used the Sobeys on Fort York as a prime location to meet men/women.

10. But still think it is absolutely insane that 20 buildings' worth of residents rely on one grocery store for basic human sustenance.

11. You've made out with someone in the big red canoe (or at least thought about it).

12. You've accidentally hooked up with someone who happens to live in your building, which might be awkward...

13. ... But makes for the best morning walk of shame ever! Just a quick elevator jaunt to your apartment and zero direct sunlight.

Photo cred - How Should We Account for Me

14. No one wants to visit you in the winter.

15. Because both the Spadina/Front Street bridge and the Iceboat Terrace bridge are tornado wind tunnels of wretched torture.

16. But come summer everyone wants to use your place as THE pre-drinking spot for Jays games and concerts.

17. You have spent WAY too much of your sanity stuck in rush hour traffic on Spadina between Front and Bremner and often consider abandoning your car, lighting it on fire and just walking to your condo.

18. The construction of the new yellow Puente de Luz bridge connecting Iceboat Terrace to Front Street unhinges you...couldn't they just have added a set of stairs so you don't have to zig zag back and forth on ramps?!

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19. But you still can't fathom how people survived before the bridge existed.

20. It sometimes feels like Hunters Landing is the only bar you go to.

21. ...Because, let's be honest, it often is the only bar you go to.

22. But you still love it and consider the bartenders close personal friends.

23. It's impossible to go out and not run into at least one person you know.

Photo cred - Wondrous Eyes Always Have a Story

24. The walls of your apartment are not nearly thick enough for the constant onslaught of parties happening around you.

25. And you've definitely hit the ceiling of your condo with a broom like an old Portuguese woman to get your neighbours to quiet the F#$k down at 3am.

26. And you have probably personally called in at least three noise complaints.

27. But you've also sent more than one apology bottle of wine to your neighbours for that pre-drink turned after-party you accidentally hosted on a Wednesday.

28. When listing the areas attributes you always talk about 1. The view (even if you never actually look at it) & 2. The distance to Billy Bishop Airport (even if you never actually fly).

Photo cred - The Daily Clog

29. You've made some very regrettable late night decisions at the 24-hour Rabba at Front and Blue Jays Way.

30. And genuinely believe the cashier is probably writing a book loosely titled, "All Torontonians are alcoholic gluttons who REALLY like 3am cheese."

31. So sure, you might eat too many late night Doritos, not enough veggies, party too much and sleep too little, but your neighbourhood is a mecca for the young and good looking.

32. And even if it means slow elevators, awkward old hook up encounters and ex-frat boys as your neighbours, you get to go to bed to this:

33. And wake up to views like this:

Photo cred - @hunterslanding


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