Ever look at a random girl's Insta page and think: "wow she's perfect"? Sometimes it seems as though Instagram is just a tool to make you feel bad about yourself. What if I gave you some knowledge that would instantly make you feel better about it?

There are a series of apps that can make someone look extremely different in Instagram photos. You'll be happy to know that A LOT more people use these than you'd think (like probably the girl crush you stalk all the time). So if you want to know what these apps are so you can go back and analyze the pictures that made you feel bad, or if you want to become one of these fake, perfect Instagram people (I won't judge you...that much), the following list will show you the way:


This app does everything you can possibly imagine to the user's face. Options include: slimming nose, whitening teeth, removing blemishes, filling in bald spots, emphasize lips and eyes, remove dark circles, remove creases, re-shape facial structure, and highlight to name a few. The price of this app has jumped from $2.99 to $5.49. I think that is a pretty good indication of just how many people are willing to use it.


The ultimate filter app. It is almost guaranteed that every single hipster on Instagram uses this app to alter the colour in their photos. Most popular filters include: a6, b1, c1, c2, f1,f2,s2.

Perfect 365

Didn't have time to put make-up on before taking your picture? That's no problem. This app allows the user to apply make-up on. Whether you want a different lip colour, more eyeshadow, or bigger eyelashes, this app will let you add it to your face. The scary part is, it's probably better at doing make-up than you are.

Photo cred - SkinnyCamera

Skinny Camera

When you think you've seen it all...this app does one thing. It makes you look skinnier. In the bio it says "forget the diet" which I guess sounds appealing to some. If your really want to make you waist seem smaller and elongate your legs, this can be yours for just $1.39.

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