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40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Toronto

Empowered women, empower women!

Toronto has been known by many as the New York City of Canada, and with that kind of a title, the city attracts some pretty talented people. From dancers and singers to business moguls, even makeup artists and authors, there is a massive range of talent the city holds, especially if you are looking at Toronto women. With that kind of talent comes some pretty cool jobs these women end up working as their typical 9-5.

So whether you are looking for inspiration or are just curious, you are sure to be feeling inspired after checking out these women and their ventures. From neuroscientists to singers, we've covered all of the most interesting Toronto women with some pretty badass jobs in the city. Get ready to read up on some incredible home-grown talent that's been hiding right under your nose!

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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