Don't be fooled by the haters - volleyball is not as easy as it looks. It probably only seems that way because we volleyball players make it look easy. Volleyball requires a delicate balance between power and finesse, and not everybody is capable of harmonizing the two.

Volleyball culture is so intricate, from its jargon to its characteristic struggles. Here are 40 struggles that every volleyball player knows all too well:

1. "Volleyball? Play a real sport"

Said every basketball player ever.

2. When your kneepads smell like parmesan cheese.

The worst is when you stop noticing the odor because you're so used to it.

3. Everyone wanting to play power.

"That's the only position I know"

4. "You're the tallest, you should play middle."


5. When no set is ever good enough for the outside hitters.

They be like "Set it a little tighter" or "More off the net next time"

6. Having to deal with red forearm burns, jammed fingers, and all sorts of scrapes and bruises.

And you have no idea where they even come from.

7. When girls wearing kneepads = serious business, but guys wearing kneepads = pansies.

You can go ahead and risk your knees. I, on the other hand, will not. ✋

8. Girls not being able to avoid tight uniforms (spandex for indoor, bikinis for outdoor).

Wedgie central.

9. That one player who blames everyone for everything.

*Ahem* the setter *ahem*

10. Being made fun of for wearing ankle socks.

"This isn't tennis fam"

11. When a guy is decked out in gear but his game doesn't match.

Who are you fooling with those Mizunos and ankle braces?

12. Those moments in a game when the back row just can't seem to get a single pass up.

The setter be like zZzzZz...

13. Complimenting a guy for having "nice hands" and your words being taken literally.

"No, not like his hands are attractive, I mean like... Nevermind"

14. Being put as the libero because you can pass... but also because you're the shortest person on the team.

"You're closer to the ground, you have a physical advantage"

15. Calling "mine" and letting the ball drop.

You're kidding, right?

16. Not calling "mine" between a seam because you think the other guy (who always goes for it and never calls "mine") is gonna get it.

But this time he doesn't.

17. Having to wait for that one guy to finish his long ass pre-serve ritual.

Dribble dribble dribble, circle behind the back three times, spin the ball backwards, breathe out...

18. When you can't handle a floater so the server cherry picks on you.

Then being told by your coach to "get on the line" to spare the team of a shank fest.

19. When someone steals your regular pepper partner from you.

NOPE, not on my watch. *Snatch*

20. When a guy keeps calling pipe and always gets set because he's homies with the setter.

Uhh we're a team of 6 not 2???

21. Not being able to finish a play after an amazing dig or pancake.

*Heart sinks*

22. That one player who abuses the finger tape.

But it's all just for show.

23. Getting terrible refs officiating your games.

A.K.A. the ones that call bare re-serves because they can't decide on a call. ??

24. When there's no point for girls to get their nails done 'cause they're going to chip anyway.

Do it for the dig.

25. Hearing non-volleyball players refer to it as "bump" and "spike" instead of "pass" and "hit".

No. Just... No.

26. Playing for so many years and still not really knowing what "side-out" means.

Like, are you really a volleyball player if you don't know what this means?

27. Being told you have terrible posture.

Spending too much time digging balls can do that to your posture.

28. Missed serves on match point.

The WORST way to lose a match.

29. When a guy calls "no touch" after having clearly touched the ball.

lol ok.

30. "She's only on the team because she's tall"

...You wanna die?

31. Somebody shanking a ball that was yours.

See what happens when you try to be a ball hog?

32. Sending over a perfect set and the hitter tips it over.

No more sets for you for the rest of the match!!!

33. That one player who always kicks even when it's a perfectly passable ball.

Oh, I didn't realize we were playing soccer.

34. Messing up the first pass on free ball.

How does this even happen. Seriously.

35. Turtle knee pads are the volleyball version of Crocs.

Just look at them! *Cringes*

36. Getting six-packed.

And drowning your sorrows away with an actual six-pack.

37. Transitioning from beach to indoor and constantly deep-dishing the sets.

I mean... It happens I guess. ?

38. When the setter keeps running quicks and it's just not working.


39. Practicing your dives every day and still not being able to get it right.

Bruised ribs for nothing.

40. Dealing with that one guy who constantly tries to spin serve but always fails miserably.

Of all the times you choose to practice your spin serve it's during a game.

What volleyball struggles do you know of? Leave a comment below!

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