The University of Waterloo is one of the top post-secondary institutions in Canada, boasting a national reputation for innovation and discovery for 23 years running. Its slogan "Ideas Start Here" is a particularly fitting representation of its exceptional science programs. UWaterloo scientists are pioneers in technology, health and environment research. They have made several impactful contributions to science towards the benefit of global industries. Its world-class co-operative education program also offers an experiential approach to learning and cultivates valuable life skills in its students. All in all, UWaterloo science students are well-rounded forces to be reckoned with.

Being immersed in a world of knowledge can have its cons, however. Knowing too much about the world itself may leave you irked by those who are less informed. If you're a current student or an alumni of one of UWaterloo's science programs, you're bound to relate to some of these science student "struggles" (future science students starting in September, take note):

1. Scientific inaccuracies in films make you cringe.

J. Witt will assure you that Jurassic Park can never happen.

2. When people claim something as fact because of what "one study says".

PSYCH 101 reminds you to be careful of the Jenny McCarthys of this world.

3. When your lab goggles fog up.

And you get in trouble by Sue Stathopulos for taking them off to clear them.

4. "You're in science, you should know this".

"You're a human, you should Google it!"

5. Hearing Arts majors complain about their "full day" schedules.

And having no time to listen to them anyway because you actually have a full day of classes to attend.

6. Ongoing lab experiments.

CHEM 237L will be the death of you.

7. Raging when someone says climate change isn't real.

Then remembering that not everybody has watched Six Degrees Could Change The World.

8. Telling science jokes to regular people who never understand you.

"I wish I was DNA helicase... So I can unzip your genes."

9. Having to pick lab partners and ending up with an incompetent one.

Perhaps the reason why you're always the last group to leave.

10. Not getting along with your group members because they're too competitive.

Survival of the fittest.

11. When citing your references takes longer than writing the lab report.

Thank you, Moira Glerum of BIOL 331 for assigning the 40-page lab report from hell.

12. The period goes after al, not after et.

Here's a good way to lose unnecessary marks when you have nit-picky TA's.

13. The never-ending line at Chem Stores during the first week.

By the time you reach the counter, the school term is over.

14. When your lab results are completely off from everybody else's.

And you're convinced you're the dumbest kid in CHEM 220L.

15. Learning about infectious viruses and diseases and getting paranoid about everything.

You end up wanting to live the rest of your life in a hazmat suit.

16. Having to convince people it's okay that you're not going to med school even if you're in Biomed.

And you come up with something like: "Science is a world of possibility."

17. When "human error" is not an acceptable answer for why your results may have been skewed.

Even though sometimes it is the reason why.

18. When you can't miss class but you have a co-op interview so you whip out the suit and backpack combo.

The iconic UWaterloo look.

19. 3-hour labs...

Enough said.

20. When Neufeld throws chalk at a board and you get some in your eye.

Beware the front row.

21. Not understanding what the prof said but refusing to raise your hand because you don't want to look stupid.

"I'll just ask my friend about it later."

22. When your data tables don't fit on one page and overflow to the next.

So you try to reduce the font size by half but it still doesn't fit.

23. Wanting to be Walter White in Orgo lab but you're not allowed to cook meth.

No more Breaking Bad for you.

24. Getting close to your dissection animals that you even gave names to but knowing you can't save them.

Sorry Toto but I have to cut you open now.

25. Making acronyms to help you memorize science facts, and then forgetting the acronyms or what they stand for.

"What does KPCOFGS stand for again?"

26. "Design an experiment..."

Just fail me now.

27. Heidi Engelhardt's favorite type of question: "A, B, C, A and B, B and C, or all of the above".

The multiple choice format won't save you.

28. Hogging up the DC printers to print your 40 page lab report.

And leaving no ink for anyone else.

29. Learning to never willingly take a 3rd or 4th year Dupont class.

Unless you're actually, like, smart and stuff.

30. Getting yelled at by Dragana to stop talking in class.

The whole world becomes silent in those 4-5 seconds.

31. When a course doesn't have course notes.

And you actually have to pay attention in class.

32. Having classes in A.L.

Claustrophobia at it's best.

33. The "Words of the Day" in J. Witt's class that you could care less about.

Then regretting not studying them when you actually write his exam.

34. Dropping out of Glick's Molecular Biotech class because you realize he wrote the textbook.

I couldn't have been the only one!

35. When participation marks make up 10% of your final grade.

And at the start of the term you already accept the fact that you've already lost 10% of your final grade.

36. Trying your best not to fall asleep to Bissonnette's voice.

The human version of Jigglypuff.

37. Visiting Duxbury during her office hours and leaving even more confused than when you entered.

Then you start questioning your entire existence.

38. When even Niels Bohl's quirkiness can't make cell bio any less boring.

So... many... pathways...

39. Forgetting your lab coat at home.

And having to borrow a dirty one from BUGS.

40. When you can perform the SSD with more confidence than performing a titration

At least you actually learned something!

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