'92 kids are the best. We were born at the time when everything was just starting to pick up - technology, fashion, music, and so on. This allowed us to experience some pretty amazing things that are now "lost" treasures in this day and age.

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Here are 40 things you'll definitely understand if you were born in 1992:

You never realized what 'Liquid Dreams' actually meant

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You were thrilled to get your first cellphone even though it was this brick of a thing

Then flip phones came out and the Razr was all the hype

Speaking of Razors... You were only cool if you rode on this

Space Jam gave you unrealistic expectations of basketball

You still wanted to play Jumanji despite the movie

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Pokemon games were still black and white

Butterfree leaving Ash was the saddest moment of your life

VHS tapes were everything

You know exactly what this is and the struggle of having to use one

Blockbuster almost every Friday

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Walkmans were one of your most important (and not user-friendly) necessities

When iPod Shuffles looked like a stick of gum

And Apple ads only looked cool because of the earphones

'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' scared the life out of you

Battling Pokemon was such a mission because of connector cables

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Scholastic Fairs were like Christmas time

Your most important life decisions were made via MASH

You wanted nothing more than to be part of this squad

Spyro was your homie

Crash Bandicoot was the bomb (especially the Warped version)

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Finding out what these people's faces looked like changed your life

Your life ended when the ball bounced into the middle

You signed in and out of MSN Messenger to get your crush's attention

Downloading music on Kazaa or Limewire always resulted in "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Your Art Attack projects always looked like sh*t

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If you had this marker set, you were the coolest kid in class

Tommy the Green Ranger and Kimberly the Pink Ranger were your original couple goals

You bought Bazooka Joe gum more for the comic than for the gum

What this guy did will always be unforgivable in your eyes

Gym class was lit whenever your teacher brought this out

Photo cred - Tumblr

You loved the Ketchup song even though you had no idea what they were singing

Purple ketchup either totally amazed you or grossed you out completely

You still had a crush on JT even when his hair was like this

Heelys were all the rage

Paris Hilton was still the top Kardashian

Photo cred - Tumblr

You'll never forgive Rose because there was room for two 

You had Smashmouth on constant repeat (in your head)

Blowing into cartridges

This man was responsible for 98% of all your nightmares

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