Urban legends dance with fact and fiction - sometimes they're true, and sometimes they're not. It's all part of the allure. Legends also provide a sense of culture. Every place, whether it be a small backwater town in Northern Ontario, or Toronto itself, has their own share of stories that live on through the ages. Kind of like a game of broken telephone.

We have a hard time believing there's a person out there who doesn't secretly indulge in a juicy story, so here: have five.

1. The McLaughlin Planetarium And Celeste

Originally built beside the Royal Ontario Museum in the late 60's and closed in 1995, the McLaughlin Planetarium provided countless visitors with an acute look at the stars and planets whirling around earth. Its large dome was used for exceptional shows about cosmology using state of the art projectors and sound systems. Before the official closure of the building, some whisperings emerged about staff members seeing a distinct little girl watching the light show by herself. They named her Celeste. Others have reported hearing her giggling and scampering across hallways. The building is closed to the public and used as storage space for UofT now, but if you're brave, and lucky, press your face against a window and maybe you'll catch her skip by.

2. Elgin And Winter Garden Theatre Centre And The Lavender Lady

189 Yonge St

Allow me to introduce you to the Lavender Lady. Back in the 20's, as the legend goes, she was attacked in the women's washroom and managed to make her way to the elevator before collapsing. Her ghost allegedly haunts the upstairs theatre (yes, there are two theatres stacked onto each other).  Fast forward to now; box office staff claim to smell the lavender scent of perfume in empty spaces. Others claim elevators inexplicably rise to the 5th floor and open to an empty hall. The more chivalrous of the staff take the elevator down to the first floor and open it, allowing the Lavender Lady to go on her way.

3. The Keg Mansion And The Maid

515 Jarvis St

The Keg Mansion was initially owned by the McMaster's and the Massey family. Eventually the Keg bought it out. Enjoy the mean surf and turf and frown as you may hear children running and stomping around the above floor (or did you?).  Be sure to take a look at the winding stair case, since, after the passing of Lillian Massey, the only daughter of Hart Massey, the rumour goes that a maid took her life shortly after by hanging herself at the top of the staircase. Staff and clients have mentioned seeing a ghostly apparition suspended in the stairwell. Enjoy your lobster.


4. The Leaping Lawyer Of Bay Street

Ever sit in a classroom and your teacher does something really weird just to get your attention to prove that they are hip and with it? Well Garry Hoy, a practicing lawyer, had his own schtick to attract attention. Once, he had a board room full of accounting students on the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion Centre and basically threw himself out the window. Yeah. It was a good idea to him over the years to bounce off the window to show clients it was unbreakable. This time it didn't exactly go according to plan.

5. Lake Ontario And Its Secret Underwater UFO Base

Mention UFO's and most of us immediately think of Roswell, USA. But you don't have to go far out of the GTA to get a taste of the extraterrestrial controversy. There are folks around here who believe there is an alien base lying in the depths of our great lake. Bizarre "orbs" or lighting patterns can be seen quite regularly, but that may be due to aircraft landing at the Island and reflections from downtown. But hey, the universe is a big place, and fact can be stranger than fiction. Take a look at this video of abnormal lights above North York and be your own judge.

The truth is out there.

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