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The weird thing about Netflix is that everyone is obsessed with it, but no one wants to admit it. Instead, you hide out in your room binge-watching TV series' you'd always been meaning to start, and never telling anyone how much you're watching. If any of these things feel relevant, you are a Netflix addict.

1. You're constantly petitioning Netflix to get Orphan Black on its roster

It's so Toronto and so good.

2. You stock up on food at the Farmer's Table

Because you don't plan on leaving your room for the entire weekend

3. You find yourself bringing up movies in class

"This is exactly like that scene in Memento!"

Photo cred - Caribana Toronto

4. You make fun of people who go to Dance Cave

To make yourself feel better about the fact that you're never one of them.

5. You sit in Robarts with your back against the wall

Hoping no one will notice you're actually not watching lecture videos, but are in fact, binge-watching 30 Rock

6. People who run into you at the Hub know not to bother you

Why not catch some TV between classes?

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