Toronto is constantly growing and changing. With so much construction constantly going on, it's only natural that rumours about what could be coming to our city have surfaced.

We have compiled a short list of Toronto rumour we wish were true.  Maybe one day some of these awesome changes will be made for our city.  I mean who doesn't miss the Nostalgia of Ontario Place?

Which rumour do you wish to be true? 

1. Don Valley Gondola Ride

Back in February the idea of putting a gondola ride connecting Evergreen Brickworks with the Danforth surfaced. The Gondola ride would serve as a tourist attraction, especially during fall when the leaves change colours.

2.  Getting rid of the Streetcars

Streetcars are somewhat outdated, and not a super reliable or quick means of transit.  This rumour has been going around for the past couple of years, but with the new street cars slowly making their way on to Toronto streets, I don't think we will be saying goodbye to them any time soon.

3. Reopening Ontario Place

Back in 2011 Ontario place hit an all time low in attendance and decided to called it quits.  In recent years there have been a few rumours of turning the space into luxury condos or opening a casino.  This past year the Ministry of Tourism has suggested giving Ontario Place a facelift, and reopening some of it's once popular attractions.  For more info click here.

4. A new ride for 2016 at Canada's Wonderland.

Luckily, this rumour has been confirmed to be true!  Canada's wonderland has announced that a new ride is ready for summer 2016.  The ride is called Skyhawk and is a flight simulation ride that takes you 135 feet in the air.

Photo cred -@Axis 

5. Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Facility

An indoor ski and snowboard training facility has been rumoured to be opening in Vaughn this summer.  Axis Freestyle Academy has confirmed that they will be opening a location that will provide riders with custom high performance trampolines, a variety of jumps and rails, foam pits, a gym and multi-purpose/yoga studio!  Axis has not yet released their opening date, so keep your eyes peeled.

6.Giving the Gardiner a Makeover

It is rumoured that the space underneath the Gardener Expressway (West) will be turned into bike trails, a revived skatepark, and a market place.  Let's just hope they make the Gardiner a little more concrete and safe before doing so! For more info click here.

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