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If you're living in the GTA, you're probably dreaming of moving on to the big city. You may not be able to do this because you're too young, or you're still finishing school, or work is more accessible, but you definitely want to. Well, sadly, I'm here to burst your bubble. Living downtown is not always as fun as it's cracked out to be.

1. Fantasy: You'll see your hip downtown friends all the time

Reality: Everyone's too busy working to pay for their expensive lifestyles to ever hang out

2. Fantasy: You'll go out constantly

Reality: You'll still feel too lazy to go out most of the time

3. Fantasy: All of the cool bars you love will be really easy to get to

Reality: Toronto's a lot bigger than you thought, and you find yourself commuting just as much as when you lived at home

4. Fantasy: You'll automatically become cooler, now that you're a city dweller

Reality: You're still the exact same person, only now you spend 80% of your paycheck on rent

5. Fantasy: You'll meet lots more hot people to date

Reality: Although your Tinder is pulling up new matches, most of them are more hipstery versions of the same losers you didn't want to date back home.

6. Fantasy: You'll find a cozy apartment or house to rent out with friends in Kensington Market

Reality: You'll live in a shitty basement somewhere near Chinatown, your landlord will be an asshole, and you'll barely be able to afford rent

7. Fantasy: You'll have more time to explore the city

Reality: You spend most of your time working, or looking for a job, and when you're not at work, you're too exhausted to set foot outside the house.

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