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It's nice to look stylish, but when you're on a student budget, it often feels like that can't be a priority. It doesn't have to be that way though. Here are some simple tips and tricks that the average broke student can use to stay looking fly all year round.

1. Check out the street vendors

In the summer time, Queen West is crawling with street vendors, and their choices are pretty legit. They're often a great option for shoppers on a tight budget, because a lot of sale items end up on there to entice people into the store.

2. Thrift stores

This one is more of a slow-burn, but the payoff is great. Checking out Queen West thrift stores like Black Market is a great way to find awesome clothing on the cheap. You may not always find anything you like, but the trick is to just dip in whenever you're near by and check stuff out. You may be surprised what you'll find.

3. Watch for sales

Keep an eye out. Random stores on Queen West are always having sales, and a lot of them are pretty dope. Whether it's a closing sale, an opening sale, an end-of-season sale, or what have you, you're likely to find something worth your while.

4. Pop up stores

Pop up stores are a great way for mostly-online retailers to showcase their goods in a physical space for a brief period of time, and they often have special deals to entice shoppers to come out. Keep a look out for them, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and stay keen.

5. Sift through the bargain rack

Most stores have a rack near the back of the store of items that are off-season, or that they're almost completely out of stock for and can't keep at the front. A lot of these times, these clothes are only a week or two out of fashion, but a a lot cheaper. They're very much worth exploring.

6. Check out Charlie

Charlie is a Canadian-made boutique that offers alternatives to international retailers like Forever 21 and H&M at reasonable prices. While the clothing is definitely not as cheap as those brands, it's still significantly cheaper than a lot of other things you're going to find on Queen West, and it's super cute too.

7. Stay connected

It's often also a good idea to follow your favourite Queen West stores on social media. These places often have special promotions that only their fans will catch, and may even offer sale codes or prizes to followers.

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