Photo cred – phdavies

Regular Tinder users know that the same types of people seem to show up over and over again. If Toronto landmarks had Tinder profiles, they would have their own little quirks and personalities too.

CN Tower, 38

Main picture is an artsy shot looking into the distance. Douchebaggery is evident here.

"I take my selfie game seriously. Follow me on Instagram @cntower."

Hockey Hall of Fame, 71

All photos feature something hockey-related.

"I play hockey. Have lots of tape and plan on getting more."

Casa Loma, 77

*Oversaturated, slightly angled photo*

"I am a castle. Living life wit no regrets. *flex emoji*"

Rogers Centre, 25

Rogers Centre attempts to write a witty bio, in hopes of winning love through humour.

"My name is actually Skydome. I can make your seat rock."

Distillery District, 182

Distillery District is a 'lil older, and wants something more serious (sorry DD, you won't find that on Tinder).

"Love music and beer... Tired of swiping left and right, looking for someone special."

Toronto Islands, (...really old.)

Toronto Islands hopes to find someone who shares the same hobbies and love for sports.

"Camping, cottaging, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, hockey, basketball, curling, golf."

Zanzibar, 54

From its photos, Zanzibar looks like a cool landmark you might be interested in, but its description changes your mind.

"Torontonian/Canadian/Asshole. Only on here to meet fun new people. Swipe left if you're taking this seriously."

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