Toronto is a magical place. The streets and the buildings have a pulse of their own and the allure of the hustle and grind is all too real; Toronto is a place where you come to make it, and if you're like me, or any other self-aware, motivated millennial, you're probably busting your ass making a name for yourself. But oftentimes the pursuit of success and the hectic nature of the city can leave us feeling run down and over committed. In the words of PARTYNEXTDOOR, I know you want a break from Toronto.

1. You're Spending Money On Everything and Nothing

Toronto is an expensive place to live. Especially for university students or recent grads. Rent, groceries, transit, tuition, drinks, dinners, brunches, ubers, taxis, shopping, bottles... the list could go on and on. If you've gotten into a cycle of endless spending with nothing to show for it but hangovers and credit card bills, maybe it's time to gather your things, and leave the city for the weekend, get some perspective, and maybe draft up a budget or something?

2. You've Become an Angry City Driver

Toronto is an awful place to live for anyone with a car. Between constant construction, road closures, traffic jams and confusing inconsistent infrastructure it's not difficult to become a jaded, angry, volatile Toronto driver. Maybe you passive aggressively cut someone off last week, or you honked angrily at a particularly slow pedestrian crossing, or perhaps you screamed obscenities out your window at a helpless old lady, just because. In any case, maybe it's time you took a little day to unwind.

3. You've Become an Angry TTC Customer

Toronto is an even worse place to be a commuter. The list could literally write itself at this point. If you've been late to work, school or any other commitment because of the TTC you feel the collective pain and anger of all Torontonians. Perhaps a weekend up north would help ease the frustration.

4. You're Consistently Over Caffeinated

Torontonians are hard workers. The city is growing exponentially and has become a major global urban centre in the past few years, all due to the ceaseless dedication (and caffeination) of it's talented and driven residents. But if you find yourself low key tweaking daily after too many iced coffees and frappes, a word of advice, chill...

5. You're Consistently Sleep Deprived

Toronto never sleeps, but that doesn't mean you're that resilient. Oftentimes us goal driven millennials pull all-nighters, sacrificing sleep for success, and in the end, burnout as a result. A genuine word of advice. Respect your sleep schedule. And if you're sleeping less and less and working more and more, get out of the city for a day or two and unwind, and come back with a solid 8 hours under your belt.

6. You Have a Hard Time Saying No

Torontonians are busy. We're brunching, we're dating, we're working, we're partying, and our schedules are maxed out all too often. So if you've got too much on the go and don't have the heart to let others down, it's time to get some perspective and a huge reality check. You can't do everything, all the time everywhere for everyone.

7. Your Favourite Pastime Is Gossiping

Torontonians are social. Within a multi-faceted, multicultural, bustling city, there's a lot of people to know, and a whole lot of things to talk about. But there comes a time when your conversations turn from productive to destructive. If you're a stereotypical bitter Torontonian who savours the opportunity to gossip about friends end enemies alike, consider that at the end of the day it's neither healthy or admirable. So put on your big girl shoes, get a grip, and when you come back to the city, try being a little nicer.

8. You Never Have "Me" Time

Torontonians are selfless. What makes our city so amazing is how giving and generous we are. But if you find that you are having less and less time to simply relax at home after a hard days work, it may be time to trim your commitments. "Hard work" is never as conducive to success as "smart work", and if you don't feel your best you're not going to perform your best, socially academically or professionally. Go ahead, take a weekend for yourself and your friends and come back recharged and ready to take on that schedule.

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