It's a never-ending cycle in Toronto, drivers hate drivers, bikers hate bikers, pedestrians hate pedestrians, and on top of that, they all hate each other. The weather is beginning to get nice again and everyone is coming out of hibernation to walk the streets of Toronto.

1. The Sunday strollers

Spring has sprung and out come the Sunday strollers. Those that have no destination in mind are just out to walk leisurely at the slowest possible pace and admire Toronto. Can we talk about how great it would be if slow and fast lanes existed on the sidewalk? Some of us are trying to get places!

2. The Financial District speed walker

One does not simply walk in the financial district during weekdays without having a destination in mind. These business people mean business, and even if they aren't as important as their suit makes them look, you better move out of the way because they seem to urgently need to get somewhere.

Photo cred - Elvert Barnes

3. The tourist with a map and selfie stick

We've all been that person in another country that likes to take their sweet ass time to explore, but it doesn't stop us from getting frustrated when we encounter these people on our own streets. Those people that like to abruptly stop in the middle of the road, the ones who stand and gawk at a building that you no longer appreciate, and the ones who awkwardly pose for selfies in front of things that you don't even no the significance of.

4. The group (or couple) who takes up the entire sidewalk

So you want to walk as a group beside each other on the sidewalk, or maybe you want to casually stroll hand-in-hand with your significant other, at least make sure you're aware that other people may NOT want to tailgate behind you without a way to pass.

5. The distracted walker

Some people are great multitaskers, but most aren't, and when you're trying to navigate yourself through the city there is nothing worse than the oblivious walkers who are too zoned out to even notice if a flying pig flew by them.

6. The dog walker

Whether it is one dog or a million, for a city that mostly contains apartment and condo dwellers, it's impressive how large the dog population is, and you can't help but think, how does that dog fit into that tiny apartment?

7. The bikers on the sidewalk

There is one place bikers don't belong; for drivers that would be on the road, for pedestrians that would be on the sidewalk. There is nothing worse than casually walking down the sidewalk and almost getting run over by a biker.

Photo cred - j.

8. The people that try to intersect by selling you things

You feel horrible dodging the people on the street trying to get you to adopt a child in Africa, or support a great initiative, but in Toronto you quickly learn that if you stopped for each of these people, you'd never get to your destination!

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