Heels are a girls best friend right? So why do they feel more like frenemies? There is nothing better than going into Holt Renfrew and trying on those killer designer heels that you've been obsessing over for what seems like FOREVER. You walk around the shoe department testing out these beautiful shoes, just to get an idea of how comfortable they will actually be. They are must haves, so the cashier rings them up and you walk out of the store already feeling a bit sexier than when you arrived.

Heels are every woman's secret weapon to feeling extra hot while elongating their legs but the amount of pleasure versus pain at the end of the night, can leave her questioning why she even wore them out in the first place. Have no fear, we are here to lift you up and help you feel oh-so-fabulous in your heels once again.

1. Padding are a girls best friend

Just like a bra, padding can be essential for your perfect pair of killer heels. Not only can gel insoles improve your comfort but they can also make your fave size-too-large shoe feel nice and snug again. In this day and age, they practically have an insole for every foot need possible!

2. Break them in

Before you even decide to debut your new purchase to the world, why don't you try strutting around your place in them. If they need to be stretched out, try wearing socks inside them while you strut. Come on ladies, we all know that taking a few more minutes out of your day to master your strut can never hurt.

3. Take a few inches off

Women often say that the higher the heel, the sexier they look and feel (wait, is that actually a saying?). However, contrary to belief you can still look sexy in a shorter heel, especially if the added inches are making you feel a great deal of pain. Ladies, you won't be looking sexy anyway if you are now unable to walk, thus,  having to resort to crawling your way back home.

4. Staying fit will do wonders for your feet

Wearing heels can actually be better for your feet rather than flats because they are supporting the arch of your foot. Keep in mind though that when wearing heels, all of your body weight is now concentrated to the balls of your feet. Working out can help to relieve some of the pressure. There are exercises that ballerinas use to help strengthen their feet to prepare them for pointe, take a look online and see if any of those can help you too.

WARNING: do NOT workout and wear heels at the same time, It's just not a good idea.

5. Straps can provide support

Getting a pair of heels with a strap or buckle can also help to relieve some of the pressure your feet may be feeling. If you are just beginning to venture out into the world of heels, they will also provide really awesome support.

6. Toes that stay together stride happily together

Many of you may not know this, but between your 3rd and 4th toe there is a nerve that can cause you to feel pain in the balls of your feet. Toe taping can actually help to relieve that pressure. Try taping your 3rd and 4th toe together to see if it works for you!

7. Adjust your strut

Practicing great posture can be fantastic for your feet as well as your spine. By standing with your shoulders back and stomach tucked in you automatically align your body, which can help you to also find your center of gravity.  If you find that you are bending your legs too much while walking, try going down a few inches because when you are walking in heels, you should be doing so with straight legs.

8. Take a break and have a cocktail, or two

When you feel as if you have reached your breaking point, stop and take a moment to rest. Not only will you take a load feet off your feet as they refuel but it also gives people a chance to stare and compliment your amazing high heels. It doesn't hurt to drop into a bar and have a cocktail because after all, you deserve it.

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