Have you ever wondered if something ever went a little too far? Food challenges across the country have been testing the limits of every foodie's appetite to the extreme, from 9lb burgers to 7lb breakfasts. They're the ultimate test of man versus food  and, if you could conquer them, you could go down as a foodie legend.

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Whether or not you're up to the challenge, here's a list of 9 places across Canada that offer some outrageous food challenges:

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Mo's Family Ultimate Breakfast Challenge // Mo's Family Restaurant

The challenge: Eat a seven pound breakfast in 90 minutes.

The food: 3 eggs, 3 pancakes, 3 slices of French toast, 3 slices of ham, 3 slices of bacon, 3 sausages, three sides of home fries and a 20 oz. coffee.

The prize: A free meal (and bragging rights).

Where: Oakville, ON.

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Le Gros Gras Challenge // Le Gras Dur

The challenge: Seven pounds of food in one hour.

The food: 5 pounds of poutine (help), a 2 pound burger, one root beer float, 4 deep-fried Oreos.

The prize: A free meal, a t-shirt and being on the wall of fame.

Where: Montreal, QC.

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The Go Chuck Yourself Challenge // Holy Chuck Burgers

The challenge: 3lb burger (and a milk shake) in 6 minutes.

The food: 6 patties, 6 slices of cheese, caramelized onions, triple bacon and all stacked alongside 3 grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh, and a milkshake (good luck).

The prize: A t-shirt, a picture on the wall of fame and they pay for your meal. You better be confident on winning, 'cause if you lose, you're going on the wall of shame.

Where: Toronto, ON.

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 Hungry Hollow's Cuckoo's Nest Solo Challenge // Hungry Hollow Smokehouse

The challenge: 6.5 pounds of burgers and poutine in one hour.

The food: 3 burgers atop an oversized plate of poutine.

The prize: A $25 gift card, a picture on the wall of fame and the meal's on them.

Where: Georgetown, ON.

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Jukebox Burgers’ JBB Burger and Poutine Challenge // Jukebox Burgers

The challenge: 5 pounds of food in one hour.

The food: 4 plates of mac n' cheese, 4 poutines, a 2lb beef patty topped with pulled pork, smoked meat, roast beef, chili, various cheeses beef, and sandwiched between two Belgian waffles. Also topped with a dozen onion rings and a half pound of chicken wings.

The prize: Receive the meal for free.

Where: Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC.

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 Kenzington’s Kitchen Sink Burger Challenge // Kenzington Burger Bar

The challenge: 5.5lb of food in one hour.

The food: One burger with 2lb of beef and another 3.5lb of toppings, including deep fried eggs, bacon cheese and a pretzel bun, and served with fries.

The prize: The meal is on them.

Where: Barrie, ON.

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Fountain Diner’s Alpine Burger Challenge // Fountain Diner

The challenge: 5lb of food in 30 minutes.

The food: One 4lb burger and 1lb of fries.

The prize: Free meal, free t-shirt and a spot on the wall of fame.

Where: Langford, BC.

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Ernie’s Mile High Burger Challenge // Burger Heaven

The challenge: 3lb burger in one sitting.

The food: 8 1/4lb burger patties.

The prize: A spot on the wall of fame.

Where: Grand Prairie, AB.

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Blondie’s 9lb Burger Challenge // Blondie's Burgers

The challenge: 9lb burger in 2.5 hours.

The food: One 9lb burger.

The prize: Wall of fame and free meal.

Where: Winnipeg, MB.

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