According to World Wealth Report, over 320,000 Canadians have more than $1-million U.S. in financial assets, that excludes their own properties.

Based on these statistics, it was interesting to find out where do these wealthy people live. Perhaps one day you will make enough money to purchase a property and reside in one of these luxurious areas.

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Here's a list which includes 9 of the richest neighbourhoods in Canada: 

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1. York Mills-Windfields // Toronto, Ontario

The average household net worth in the York Mills-Windfields area is around $21.55 million. Inhabitants will make approximately make $1,212,275 per year and a house on average will cost $3.40 million, making it the most expensive neighbourhood in Canada.

2. The Bridle Path // Toronto, Ontario

Often referred to as one of  the"Millions Row" neighbourhoods , estates on average will cost $2.24 million. Residents in this neighbourhood have an average household income of $936,137 and an average net worth of $22.27 million. Makes sense as to why several celebrities have owned properties in The Bridle Path. Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Regina George's mansion from Mean Girls was located in The Bridle Path as well.

3. Shaughnessy Heights // Vancouver, British Columbia

An average estate will cost $3.09 million, ranking Shaughnessy Heights as Vancouver's richest neighbourhood. A household will have an annual income of $777,184 and have a net worth of $12 million on average.

4. Sunnybrook // Toronto, Ontario

The average annual household income is $311,979, with an average net worth of $20.82 million and mansions costing around $2.29 million. This area was owned by a well-recognized horseman named  Joseph Kilgour, who established many stables around the neighbourhood. As a result horseback riding and ownership has become a popular hobby for children and adults residing in this area.

5. Summit Park, Westmount // Montreal, Quebec

Ranked as Quebec's priciest neighbourhood, Summit Park is one of Westmount's priciest areas located on the north west side of Westmount, with mansions costing approximately $2.40 million positioned on elevated heights, (giving the name summit) that are mostly occupied anglophones. The average income is $906,659, making the household net worth around $11 million.

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6. Forest Hill South // Toronto, Ontario

Luxury estates on average will cost $3.18 million in Forest Hill. With an average household income being $629,972 and a net worth $10.63 million no wonder people can afford to live in this neighbourhood.  Most residents will send their sons to Upper Canada college and daughters to Havergal, that are include in Canada's most expensive private schools list.

7. Kerrisdale // Vancouver, British Columbia

Kerrisdale is located in the west end of Vancouver and has the second highest average income in British Columbia, being $1,277.431. A household average net worth is around $10.59 million, with an average estate will costing $2.79 million.

8. Lexington Avenue Westmount //  Montreal, Quebec

Lexington Ave is another wealthy area in Montreal's Westmount neighbourhood.  The average houshold income is $590,695, with a net worth adding up to $9.96 million and estates on average costing $1.80 million.

9. Britannia // Calgary, Alberta

Calgary's richest neighbourhood showcases a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. From the start, Britannia was created as a luxurious neighbourhood to be inhabited by wealthy residents. On average the household annual income is $1,452,094, with a net worth is $7.02 million and estates priced at $2.28 million.

Source - Canadian Business 

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