Homecoming is on the near horizon and Western students are gearing up to get wild. HOCO, being the holy grail of Western holidays, changes every type of person into an extroverted party animal.

After years of observing and analyzing the purple people at HOCO, we've come to categorize them according to 9 stereotypes, give or take. Here are the kind of people you can expect to spot this Saturday:

Image- Logan Ly Photography 

1. The Frat Star

Relentlessly yelling: “Come to the house, we’re having a HOCO rager!” You’d have to be a fool to turn down an invite though. Last year, one house had a BOUNCY CASTLE on their property! A frat house is the place to be after you’re done on Broughdale and not wanting to wait in questionable bar lines. On HOCO the frat star is likely to be spotted demonstrating keg-stands and helping fellow brothers do the same. They’re ready to rage and will likely welcome you into their home with open arms this Saturday!

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2. The Frog Promoter

There should honestly be an award for people who actually make it into a bar on HOCO. Not only have you been drinking since 7am, but the fact that you could drag yourself to a bar, wait in a line up, and proficiently hand your ID to a bouncer is an impressive feat. For those willing to shell out $10 on cover alone, the promoter is probably the reason why you even got into the bar in the first place. These people are easily discernible, with Facebook statuses proclaiming something along the line of:  “Lines are going to be massive tonight, message me for guest list, booth and b00tles.” Western Bar Stars, the Frog promoter will easily become your best friend this HOCO.

Image- Ryan Ball

3. The 180 Mill St. Beauty

The 180 beauty lives up to their name because they simply do not partake in the morning shenanigans that occur along Broughdale Ave. 7am wake up call? Forget it! They need their beauty sleep. After all, HOCO is one of the most highly photographed Western events of the YEAR, no way the 180 Mill resident is going to ruin their photo-opportunity by arriving anywhere before 11am and looking less than fabulous. Likely they will hold their own pancake breakfast, in order to avoid traveling down to the student ghetto communes for a less sophisticated pancake kegger.

Image- Ashley Buckle

4. Bro-Dale Bro

Definition: every bro and gal living along Broughdale is cool with opening their front lawns to the less fortunate who live on any other street besides Broughdale. The bro-dale bro will 100% end up with some type of ticket from the Police… but that’s something that’ll get dealt with after the HOCO hangover anyways.

Image- Jay Key

5. The Person Who Doesn’t Even Go Here

This isn’t Middle School anymore, and we sure as hell aren’t going get along like it is. Western HOCO stereotype #5 is dedicated to every student who DOESN’T ATTEND Western, but is still attending our HOCO… we see you. Be prepared to be called out if you slip up and expose that you aren’t from Western, because we can guarantee that a Damian doppelgänger will call you out: “She doesn’t even go here”. You’ve been warned.

Image- Western University 

6. The Med-Syd Parents

Remember when you moved into Rez and you made your parents promise to come back for the Homecoming football game? Yeah, that may have been your naïve pre-O-Week voice talking. Now, weeks deep into Western culture and heavy drinking, your poor parents are in for a rude-awakening when they knock on your rez door only to find out you’ve been hitting up the tailgate since sunrise #sorrymom.

Image- Western University

7. The People Who Actually Go To The Game

Every Western student who ACTUALLY makes it to the Football game on HOCO is the definition of “taking one for the team”. It’s one thing to buy a ticket, but to actually ATTEND is a whole new level of respect. Should Western win on Saturday against McMaster… that win is as much the players' as it is your own for making it there in one (most likely drunken) piece.

Image- Premier Life 

8. The London Music Hall Night-Time Raver

You will not see, hear, or even get a text from the Night-Time Raver at ANY point during HOCO during the day. But as soon as the doors open at London Music Hall for the night-time performance festivities, this person is ALIVE and WELL and EVERYONE WILL KNOW ABOUT IT. Rave on, dude!

Image- Logan Ly Photography

9. Drunk-Tank Drunkie

DON’T BE THIS PERSON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: you are better than waking up in a drunk tank post HOCO with a $70+ fine. Don’t get THAT drunk, or if you absolutely must, just be smart enough to steer clear from the police. Everyone knows someone who ends up in the drunk tank: don’t be part of that statistic this HOCO szn.

Did we miss anyone? Comment below with your favourite type of people to spot during HOCO! See you Saturday!

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