There's something about Justin Trudeau that seems to have people swooning over him uncontrollably. Maybe it's his dreamy blue eyes, or his soft flowing hair, or his ever-so infectious smile... Whatever it is, it makes the whole world stop spinning and forces people to surrender a pair of heart eyes to him.

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The Trudeau effect works on celebrities too, as demonstrated by the following photos:

When you're married to a prince but you meet Justin Trudeau

Photo cred - Twitter

Screw the Beast, Trudeau's the real Beauty

Find someone who looks at you the way Ivanka looks at Justin

...Or the way the Mayor of Vancouver looks at Justin

Oh look, two members of royalty: Prince Harry and Prince Eric

"I had you in mind when I wrote Earned It"

Photo cred - Twitter

"I think about you all the time"

This is what a Tru bromance looks like

"Those are some of the softest hands I've ever shaken in my life"

Okay, so realistically these photos were probably just taken at convenient times. Nevertheless, they still make it seem like everyone has a crush on the Canadian Prince Eric!

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