Students are always looking for opportunities to make extra money. During the school year, it's nearly impossible to have a full-time job, therefore you have no other choice than to spend your money wisely or else you end up going broke.

There are certain ways of making money, perhaps you didn't even know of. Are you looking to make extra cash during reading week but don't have a job you can go back to? Here's a list of 9 quick ways to make money when you have spare time during reading week:

1. Sell your ideas

If you're a creative person with thoughts that have potential to expand into greater things,  New Idea Trade is always seeking for people to propose ideas and innovations. This "idea trade network" will may think your ideas are worth money and will pay you to sell them out.

Check out more details on how to sell your ideas here. 

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2. Get paid for having ads on your car.

You know those cars you see driving around with advertisements? Well you can actually make up to 800$ per month by simply just having a couple of stickers on your car. Market Your Car offers a "Get Paid to Drive Program" which consists of them renting space on your car and use it as a mobile billboard it to advertise a product or business.

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3. Sell your books.

Over the past couple of years, I'm sure you've gathered a collection of books from your previous courses. Many people tend to hold off on buying books as long as they can, but once mid term season is around the corner, all of a sudden these books become in high demand. Whether you're exchanging them for a store credit at a book store or selling them online, why not make some extra cash off the books dusting on your shelf?

4. Tutor classmates

Some people are just better at certain subjects than others. If your classmates or other students are struggling with courses why not tutor them for some extra cash? You don't have to ask for much but a couple of bucks can pay for that morning coffee before your exam.

5. Sell home cooked meals.

If you're a good cook, have time to prep meals and enjoy making food, why not sell it? Post some flyers around school and I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses. The last thing people want to do during exam season is cook. Young adults on average spend approximately $60 per week, meaning even if you cut that in half, there's an extra 30 bucks in your pocket. If you have a car, perhaps you can even start a food delivery service to the library and make an extra $5.00!

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6. Sell your professional photos.

Websites like iStockphoto123rf and many more will buy your photos. These sites are always looking to license new photos. Why not sell a couple of your awesome images and have them go viral?

7. Sell your childhood toys.

If you're not already aware, some toys from your early childhood are worth a lot of money. Furbys, Nintendo 64 games, Super Soakers, and many more toys are worth up to $1000 (if not more) on eBay.

8. Sign up for an event staffing agency.

Do you have a flexible schedule and an would enjoy working in promotions? Submit your application for a staffing agency, such as Femme Fatale Promotions & Media.  Represent some of the country’s most notable business’, attend corporate launch parties and sporting events for some extra money in your pocket. Sounds like the job for you? Proceed to their website, submit your form and apply today! (FYI both genders are welcome to join.)

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9. Become a pet sitter.

They say that spending time with animals is actually a great way of de-stressing. Dog Vacay is pretty much a baby sitting service for animals. This ends up being such a flexible and easy way of making money because you can study at the same time!

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