Technology is always changing.  We live in an age where everyone is always looking for a way to make things more convenient.  Sometimes this leads us to awesome discoveries, and other times it just leaves us with somewhat useless inventions.

This is a list of 9 gadgets that caught our eye, and may give you some food for thought!

1. Mini Turntable // The Source

This turntable is perfect for those who live in a tight apartment with minimal counter space for a full sized record player.  As an extra bonus this retails for just over 50 dollars, comes in multiple colours, and has a USB encoder for hooking it up to your laptop!

2. Cyrano Scent Machine // Uncrate

This gadget is essentially a "speaker" for scents.  Using an app on your smart phone you can pick a scent of your choice, and the machine will dispense that scent into the air around you.  You can even combine scents to create something that's more unique.

3. Coffee Alarm Clock // Uncrate

Let's be real, coffee makes every morning easier.  This alarm clock ensures that you will have freshly made coffee the moment you wake up. Unfortunately this concept is still in development and isn't currently available for purchase, but we wanted to give you the heads up that it will be on the market soon!

Photo cred -Photojojo

4. Iphone Iris Lens // Photojojo

This is perfect for those who are looking to take their Instagram game to the next level. This lens mount combo works on any case, no matter what thickness! These lenses have ant-glare coatings, illuminates the chance of sun flares.  This set comes with a Wide, Macro and Fisheye lens!

5. The Blink Board // Acton

Hover-boards are so 2015. It's time to regain a bit of your dignity and upgrade to The Blink Board.  The Blink Board is the worlds lightest electric skateboard, and is controlled completely by your smartphone!

6. The Prynt Case // Ebay

This handheld printer allows you to print the photos from your phone in an instant!  The idea is similar to a Polaroid camera, but with this gadget you get to edit your photos, crop to your desired size and pick a filter before having the hard copy!

7.  Wireless Key Finder // The Source

Misplacing your keys just got a lot less stressful.  This key finder works through walls and doors for optimum efficiency.  All you have to do is click the button that matches your key ring and the keychain will flash and beep, helping you locate where you last had them!

8.The Temepescope // TBA

The Temepescope is an ambient weather display that creates future forecasts in your own home! This box brings rain, clouds, lightening, and sunlight to life within its four plastic walls.  Once they are able to produce snow the Tempescope will be available and on the market!

Photo cred -Best Buy 

9. Solar Power Wireless Speaker // Best Buy

This wireless speaker is perfect for festivals, camping, boating, or any summer activity where you wont be near an outlet.  This bluetooth speaker is splash-proof and has an 8 hour battery life!

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