Sometimes guys send completely useless, annoying and frustrating text messages to Toronto girls without even realizing it. There are certain words and phrases that one should avoid using if you want to keep up with a girl from the 6ix.

Has the girl you been texting becoming short with you? Or does she think you're a complete psychopath? Perhaps it's your word choice via text that is scaring her away. Here is a list of texts you should never send to a Toronto girl:

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1. Flake text

"Hey, something came up; my bad but I can't make it."

Lbh, you only agreed to check out Ripley's because you felt bad saying no. So instead of bluntly saying 'I'm not interested', you make up some event to cover your a$$. Man up, speak the truth and have the decency to make a phone call if you really can't make it.

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2. Last resort text

"Surprise! Dinner in an hour. You down?" 

Girls aren't dumb when it comes to realizing they're your last option. It's ok to ask a girl out via text (however not encouraged) but a girl can't walk into Nao wearing sweats with her hair up. Your shadiness will suggest that your 'other chick' flopped on you, therefore you need another date because you don't want to pay the cancellation fee at Toronto's best steak house.

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3. Booty text

" I swear to drunk I'm not god." 

Why even bother? She can tell you're wasted as f*ck when you send her choppy texts:  "I comin now." No you're not coming over after a sloppy night at Lost & Found. Go home, you know it won't go up anyways.

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4. Netflix & Chill

"Let's marathon OITNB tonight..."

Even if you live in the Trump f*cking Tower, a girl in the right state of mind should not n&c on the second date. We all know what it leads to and let's admit it,  netflix & chill is just a D away. Ladies don't be easy, because if that's how you start your fling, that's all it will ever be.

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5. B.S Text

" I have to drive my friend to Hamilton in an hour." 

Cut the bull$h*t and stop making up excuses, whether it's because you're too lazy to get off the couch or you planned some time with the bro's to check out the rippers at The Falls. Females have the power to call your bull$h*t from a mile away, so don't even bother with the dumb one-liners ' huhuhuh that's funny.'

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 6. Quadruple Texts

 "Hey how are you? // Hope all is well.// Why aren't you answering?// You there?????// Hellooo/// ??????// You're wasted @ EFS I know it!!!"

For the love of god please do not double/quadruple text. If she's not answering, she's either busy or she simply just does not want to talk to you. Clinginess is a serious problem in relationships, so please don't do it. Unfortunately you always want what you can't have, don't be that clingy and learn how to balance between the Mr. Nice and Bad guy.

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7. Pornstar Texts

"What do you think of my package? ;)" 

Enough with the d*ck pics pleaseeeeee!!!! They're not attractive whatsoever and girls will laugh or feel disgusted when you send a pic like that (ltb, the only reason you took a pic from a lower angle is to make your shlong look bigger.) Girls don't get excited like guys do when they receive a nudie, they just wish you never did.

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8. One-sided convo text

"Hey what's up?//Nm you?//Nm.// The TTC was terrible today.// Ya tell me about it."

These type of convos are completely useless, so why even have them? You might as well talk to yourself because there's no point in speaking with another person. This type of guy will text you constantly, but it's the same crap every single day. He's a completely different person when it comes to communication via text because he never has anything interesting to say. You try and have a normal conversation but he always leaves you hanging  you never know how to respond.

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9. Dumb jokes text

"Do you like explosions? Because you just set one off in my pants."

Why??? Don't do it. That's all I have to say.

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