Having a tattoo in this day and age is the norm. In fact, it's probably more rare for someone to NOT have a tattoo.

And while all tattoos are beautiful and unique in their own way...Well okay, not the one you got drunk and will forever regret, but MOST tattoos are pretty cool, especially Toronto inspired tattoos.

It takes a special kind of love to etch the city right into your skin and wear it proudly, so let's commend those brave individuals:

Photo cred- Reddit 

One very dedicated BJ fan.

He definitely has a "leg up" in the city.

Photo cred- Ink 361 

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Photo cred- pixhdr


Photo cred- Jenlilles 

Her love for Portugal (bridge) and Toronto (CN Tower) takes a new form in this tattoo!

Photo cred- Ink Filter 

Leave it to Drake to have the best TO tattoo out there.

Photo cred- cigarasylum

We're just as confused as you are.

Photo cred- We Heart It 

That's true dedication.

Photo cred- Tattoo Bite 

He REALLY put the team on his back.

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