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According To A Celebrity Chef This Is Where You Can Get The Best Ice Cream In Toronto

Mark McEwan revealed all the best spots and flavours in the city.

Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan, who is known for his show The Heat on Food Network Canada and for his role as a judge on Top Chef Canada, recently did a taste test in Toronto to find not only the best ice cream shops but the best flavours in the city. 

McEwan has come up with some strong contenders for the best ice cream dish in the city, with a total of eight different flavours making the list, but there can be only one winner. 

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According to McEwan, the absolute best ice cream in all of Toronto is Chocolate Monkey, from My Favourite Ice Cream. He called the ice cream a "banana explosion in your mouth." He also said that the flavour is perfectly named and you get exactly what you expect. 

While there can only be one winner, there were a number of other strong contenders. McEwan's runner-up was the Black Cherry Cheesecake ice cream at Dutch Dreams with the Pink Lemonade ice cream from Bang Bang Ice Cream rounding out the top three. 

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The other flavours that made the list were the Black Sesame from Put A Cone On It, Rosewater White Chocolate Jasmine from Wong's Ice Cream, Toronto Pothole from Summer's Ice Cream, and Saffron Pistachio from BB Cafe. 

Where there is a winner, there is also a loser. Coming in last on McEwan's list was the Cornflakes flavour from Greg's Ice Cream. The celeb chef thought the dish lacked taste and said the cereal was soggy. 

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You can visit My Favourite Ice Cream Shop on Macpherson Avenue in Toronto's Summerhill area to try the Chocolate Monkey flavour for yourself, which is available for $10/pint, and see if you agree with McEwan's choice for winner. 

Source: Post City

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