Perhaps the best resource for learning about Toronto is not a textbook or its Wikipedia page, but rather its extensive Twitter network. Proud Torontonians habitually take to Twitter to express their thoughts and opinions, and a lot of the time their tweets contain little nuggets of truth that are useful for learning more about the city.

One Twitter account in particular does an excellent job of explaining the little intricacies of Toronto culture. @TheTorontoThug, which is run by an anonymous person, has a collection of Toronto-related tweets that are not only hilarious, but also, to some degree, true.

Some of the best tweets on the account are ones that explore the realities of being a “Toronto wasteman.” For those of you who don’t know, a “wasteman” refers to a useless male lacking in maturity and motivation.

Are you a Toronto wasteman? Read @TheTorontoThug’s tweets below to find out...

Warning: In the event you actually are a Toronto wasteman, the following tweets may trigger you…

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