Toronto is a great city with a ton to offer. From crazy nightlife, killer food spots and picturesque neighbourhoods, it seems like there is always something to do. Though when you first move to the city you can have some pretty high expectations when you arrive, but realistically your new city life doesn't always pan out exactly the way you imagined it to. 

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R.I.P to the times when $1,500/month rent was a thing. It only takes about 10 minutes on any real estate website to realize that your dream apartment in the city is a far cry from your monthly budget. Lets be real, nowadays you're lucky if you can find something for $1,700/month with a roommate. Unfortunately that unit in the Candy Factory Lofts you thought you would be calling home is a pipe dream (at least for now).  So get ready for a roomie or two in an apartment in Parkdale! 

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Listen, there is nothing wrong with pizza but you would be lying if you said you didn't expect to be getting post-work drinks with your friends at The Chase every Thursday. Not to mention mixing it up with tacos from Wilbur during the week when you're too lazy to go on a Whole Foods run. Instead, after realizing that feeding your taco addiction as much as you would like to is eating into your rent, you most likely end up deciding to shop at Food Basics so you can afford a couple weekly taco trips #priorities.

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Not only do a lot of newcomers to the city expect to be going out 5 nights a week, but they also expect 5 different outfits from Missguided to appear every week in their closet to wear out. Between rent, food and paying cover you probably are going to have to stick to Forever 21 for some reliable inexpensive outfits. Let's be real though, most of us end up frequenting Sneaky Dee's and Dance Cave because you don't have to dress up and more importantly, Sneaky Dee's has themed parties AND nachos. 

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You aren't alone if you thought coming to Toronto would mean frequenting Yorkville and blowing some serious cash on a Sac de Jour from Yves Saint Laurent or Neverfull from Louis Vuitton to feature in your next #OOTD. Lets be real though, instead of posing with your Gucci bag you probably end up fending off a tourist in Eaton Centre for a shirt on sale in Forever 21. 

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Let's be real what even is the point of a fast car in the city if you're forever going 40 in traffic on King St right? Don't worry, you aren't the only one telling yourself that to make yourself feel better about the fact that you can't afford a car or parking. Unfortunately the reality check when it comes to getting around the city consists of smelly subway stops, seriously suspicious ttc-goers and daily train delays. 

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A city full of prospective guys sounds like a dream come true, from business men on Bay Street to hipsters in Kensington there is a huge range of options.  It seems inevitable that you will get a new bae who makes 6 figures and takes cute pics with you at the Ex. Realistically though you've been in the city for a month and your roster consists of Jake from Tinder and that creep you hooked up with at Rebel who uses snapchat way too much. 

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